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October 21, 2022 3 min read

Are plants the best snake deterrent? Living in an area where snakes can be found occasionally can be troubling to your mind. This is why you may consider investing in a good snake deterrent. Since most snakes possess venom that is very poisonous to animals and humans, it will be good if you look for a way to deter snakes. However, have you considered snake repellent plants? Click for Product Review…

Growing snake repellent plants in your yard can be fantastic if you want to deter snakes from your yard. But are snake repellent plants the best snake deterrent? Let’s find out.

Why do snakes enter your garden or yard?

Snakes are reptiles that prefer to lounge in damp areas that are quiet and covered with thick leaves. They also love sunbathing, especially in serene rocky gardens like the one you might have in your yard. Besides, if your yard is cozy enough—that is, filled with some of their favorite snacks, such as rodents, squirrels, and others—snakes would consider using your yard as their permanent residence. This you should not tolerate for even a moment. That’s why you need snake deterrents. Click for Snake MACE Question & Answer Section

Why use snake repellent plants

Snake repellent plants that have some qualities that snakes dislike.These qualities are mostly about their strong smell, although prickly foliage could equally count. Snakes have a great sense of smell. Hence, the odor from these plants make them confused and disoriented. Let’s look at ten examples of these snake repellent plants:

  • Marigold –has a strong root that releases fragrances that repel snakes.
  • Garlic – the sulfonic acid contained in garlic produces a strong smell that snakes hate.
  • Lemongrass –has a citrus fragrance that can keep snakes away.
  • Basil –has a fantastic smell that most humans like, but irritates snakes.
  • Pink agapanthus – like onion and garlic, it has a terrible smell that snakes can’t stand.
  • Wormwood or mugwort –their bitter smell serves as the deterrent
  • Holly – a low-growing plant that repels snakes by obstructing their movement
  • Yellow alder– a low-growing plant that repels snakes by impeding their movement.
  • Mother-in-law’s tongue –the sight of this plant intimidates snakes naturally.
  • Snakeroot plant –also known as devil pepper. It has bitter roots and leaves, which makes snakes avoid them.

What to consider before growing snake repellent plants?

Snake repellent plants are a great addition to your yard. But you should bear in mind that they require several months to establish. If you already have snakes in your vicinity, then you also need other snake deterrents. Still, would you consider snake repellents as the ultimate solution? Absolutely not. No single deterrent is enough to keep snakes away. You need a blend of other snake repelling techniques, such as making your yard univiting by eliminating standing water, brush piles, and hiding spots. Another excellent solution you should consider is commercial sprays and granules. These substances often act fast against snakes. But you should never use them directly on a live snake as it might make the snake aggressive. That said, always stick to commercial snake repellents that are free of harmful chemicals. Click for Product Review…

When it comes to picking the best snake deterrent, Nature’s Mace Snake Mace stands out from the crowd. Unlike tons of snake repellents, Snake Mace is an eco-friendly solution. Snake Mace will not cause harm to snakes or other wildlife. It also has a pleasant scent that would enhance the aura of your home.

Are plants the best snake deterrent

Snake Mace is suitable for your gardens, garage, cars, and yard. Try Nature’s Mace Snake Mace today and enjoy maximum protection against snakes. Read More…

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