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September 09, 2020 2 min read

Fleas love the warmth of the furs of dogs and cats. However, can fleas live on humans? In this article, we will discuss fleas, and whether it is possible, it is for fleas to live on humans.

Humans do not the kind of body hairs found on dogs, cats, and other animals. Naturally, you will not expect fleas to live on humans. Usually, you will not assume that fleas can live on humans. Besides this blood, sucking insects also prefer the blood of these animals to humans, so the possibility should be rare.

Can Fleas Live On Humans?

Can Fleas Live On HumansThe possibility of fleas living on humans is infrequent; there is simply nothing to latch on. Fleas preferably hop onto humans when they want to feed (and cannot find access to our furry friends). After feeding, these insects will jump down and look for better hiding spots until the next feeding time. Therefore, fleas can only stay on humans for a few hours at most while they do their deed.
If fleas live on humans, the most likely spot would be the human hair. Again, this situation is also rare and happens when the flea infestation is high.

How to get rid of fleas?

If you suspect fleas on your body or hair, then you must deal with them immediately. The most obvious way of determining fleas would be from fleabites. If you have pets, then you might find them scratching or biting their furs uncontrollably. As the infestation worsens, they might begin to shed hair and, in very severe cases, can lead to death because of severe blood loss. Therefore, there is no reason you should not do something about the fleas when they happen.

Here are some insights on what you must do

Treat all fleabites

Fleabites are incredibly itchy and can cause pain sometimes. Apply hydrocortisone or antihistamine creams to the surface to deal with these symptoms. You can also coat with calamine lotion to soothe the itch and give your skin ample time to heal correctly. If you notice blisters, hives, or bleeding skin, consult the doctor immediately.

Treat your pets

The next step should be a visit to the vet. The vet will help you figure out the right flea treatments for your pets. You can always follow the DIY route, but some pets are susceptible. To keep them out of harm’s way, get the vet’s opinion before making your choice.

Treat your home

You cannot get rid of fleas without treating your home. Talk to the pest professionals to help you pick the best treatment approach. The professionals have the knowledge, resources, and tools to deal with the infestation quickly.

Wrapping up

Can fleas live on humans? The shortest answer is No. Fleas do not prefer humans for feeding and certainly not for making their homes. However, fleas sometimes live in human hair, though the occasion is rare and happens when the infestation is severe. Ensure you deal with fleas as soon as you suspect them to prevent such horrifying situations. The earlier you deal with the outbreak, the fewer the troubles you will have getting them out of your home.