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October 24, 2019 2 min read

Are you looking for signs of bed bug infestation? How can you find their eggs and skins? Can you see bed bugs? In this article, we will talk about bed bugs and how to identify them.

Lots of experts recommend looking for signs of bed bugs infestations in your home or a hotel by looking for the actual bug. But can you truly see bed bugs with the human eye? As long as you have a healthy vision, you can see bed bugs of all shapes and sizes. You only need to know how to identify them. However, it’s easier to see the signs of bed bugs than the bugs themselves.

How to identify bed bugs?

According to, bed bugs look like a ‘drop of blood with legs’, but bed bug can also be tan, or brown. They are oval, almost flat and tiny. Their adults are usually between the length of 4 to 7mm. But the eggs and nymphs are smaller and harder to see since they are almost the size of a pinhead. You can see bed bugs if you patiently search for them. But, you can also identify bed bugs by searching for the following signs:

  • An offensive (musty) odor from their scent glands
  • Bloodstains on pillowcases and sheets
  • Eggshells, skins or fecal spots ( bed bugs droppings)
  • Rusty spots on mattresses, sheets, bedding and walls.

How do I find bed bugs?

Bed bugs can’t live on people or animals. There are chances; you can never find them in the hair or on skin. They prefer to sneak a bite from time to time and scurry to a safer spot in cracks, holes or within the mattress. So, you need to search for bed bugs in luggage, clothing, holes and cracks around the room. Other places you can search for bed bugs include:

  • Around picture or mirror frames
  • Crevices, seams or the undersides of furniture
  • In cracks or holes on furniture
  • In tears around the wallpaper
  • Behind electrical outlets

You can see bed bugs with your eyes if you have normal vision and search long enough. But bed bugs are so good at hiding that you may probably identify their presence by searching for signs of bed bugs. It’s much easier to see bed bug bites, their fecal droppings, and bloodstains than the bugs themselves. By correctly identifying bed bugs, you can take precautions to get rid of them from your home.

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