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October 30, 2019 4 min read

Bed bugs infestations are annoying and costly, how do you avoid them? Can someone who has bed bugs bring them into your house? You may have questions like this. In this article, we will address the little ways you can avoid having bed bugs from your friends, family, and guests.

We do have guests from time to time, guests who visit for a few hours and those who stay for weeks and months. It could even be a friend of a friend. Since bed bugs can be a huge problem, and difficult to get rid of, you need to protect your home from bed bugs. Preventing an infestation is often better than dealing with the aftermath. But, first, you need to understand whether a guest or friend who has bed bugs can bring them into your home.


How can bed bugs enter the home through someone who has them?

If your guests have bed bugs in their home, one or two-bed bugs can come along with them when they visit.

Before we go any further let’s get something out of the way. Bed bugs can infect anyone or anything they come in contact with. Try not to judge someone if they have a bed bug problem. Bed bugs do not discriminate and infect both clean and dirty homes equally. Bed bugs love to travel and will catch a ride whenever possible. They are incredibly resilient and adaptable for their tiny size. They have been around for over 3,000 years!

But you must bear in mind that these bed bugs can’t come along on their person. Bed bugs don’t attach to the immediate clothes we wear (except a coat), they avoid body heat as much as possible and are scared of movement. They don’t attach to the skin or hair and preferably come out at night.

Bed bugs can only piggyback through clothes, shoes, bedding, bags, luggage, and other items. Cities such as Chicago, Detroit, and Baltimore rank highest in national bed bug cases.Here is a link to the Top 50 Bed Bug Cities.Cities are typically more infested than rural areas.

So minimizing the risk of bed bugs depends on how you handle the clothes or details of your guests. Before your guests leave to come to visit you, kindly advise them to clean the outside and inside of their luggage, before packing and after unpacking.


How to keep someone who has bed bugs from bringing them to your home?

  1. Don’t let your guests enter your bedroom, especially with their coats and bags. You can clean the front closet and store their coats and belongings there. After the visit, steam, and vacuum the closet thoroughly.
  2. Use slipcovers to protect your furniture. Once your guests leave, launder and dry them at high heat.
  3. Invest in mattress encasement for your guest rooms. You can also pour diatomaceous earth around their luggage and mattress.
  4. If your guests bring gifts to your home, clean the items you can wash. Make sure you bag, seal and dispose of the packing boxes and wrapping papers properly.
  5. For overnight guests, offer to wash and dry their clothes without fully explaining the situation. Wash and dry their clothes at the highest possible temperature. If possible, steam them in your washer.
  6. If your guest will sleep on the couch, protect your sofa with a sheet and launder the sheet after they leave. Don’t forget to vacuum the couch as well.
  7. Make sure you place their suitcase and bags in plastic trash bags and tie them properly.
  8. Also, clean their shoes with hot water and a damp cloth or use the dryer.
  9. If your guest is only staying for a short amount of time, try to keep their belongings in one spot in your home. Bed bugs take time to travel from room to room, so if there are bed bugs they will be isolated to one area.


So when plagued with the question, “Can Someone Who Has Bed Bugs Bring Them To Your House? You must realize that it is possible through their personal items and belongings. Although bed bugs can go unnoticed and survive for weeks on end, be on the lookout for them. Look out for dark spots, eggshells (from their exoskeleton), and most importantly, small bites. Their bites will show as small, red, and sometimes itchy welts. If you take precautions and practice the steps above, you can avoid a bed bug infestation in your home.

Can Someone Who Has Bed Bugs Bring Them To Your House?

Nobody wants to be a rude host and insult your guests, but a bed bug infestation is no joke. These things repopulate fast and can cost you thousands of dollars in professional extermination charges. They can be very difficult to get rid of. Pay attention to where your guest is coming from. Nature’s MACE carries a line of natural bed bug killers that work to prevent and kill bed bugs at the source. You can even bring it with you when you travel to spray your luggage, vehicle, and bedsheets.



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