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June 04, 2019 2 min read

One thing that is peculiar to bed bugs is that they are outstanding hitchhikers. They only need to attach themselves to your clothing or personal belonging to gain entrance to your home, office and even your car.

In as much as you are more than likely to find bed bugs in your home than anywhere else, you shouldn’t rule out the fact that they can nest in your car without your knowledge. No vehicle is free from these tiny bloodsuckers, and that includes rental cars as well.

How to inspect a car for bed bugs

The same strategy you employ for your room when inspecting for bed bugs should also be employed for your car

De-clutter your car and take out all the trash

Carry out a thorough visual inspection of your car for signs of bed bugs in your car seats, glove compartments, headrest and so on

Signs to look out for include; dark spots, fecal stains, empty exoskeleton, and skin shed.

With the aid of a double-sided tape, inspect all hidden areas of your car seat. Press the tape, and pull back to see if there are any bed bugs hiding.

Should you find any signs of bed bugs, don’t be alarmed, there are specific treatment procedures that you can use to tackle your bed bug problem

Thorough car clean-up

Wash and sundry all car mats, seat covers

Vacuum the entire car thoroughly. Special attention should be paid to dark places like cracks and crevices that might act as a haven for the bugs. A recommended vacuum for this task is the powerful High-Efficiency Particulate Air model.

Have a professional steam clean your car or do it yourself.

How can bed bugs get into your car

Bed bugs infestation – From your car to your home

If you find bed bugs in your car, then there is a high probability that they must have spread into your home in one way or the other.

Preventing bed bugs from taken refuge in your car, can also help prevent bed bugs from gaining access to your home.

Should you find bed bugs in your home, it is advised your contact the services of a professional pest management controller, and have them inspect your home and carry out the right treatment procedures.

In the home, bed bugs usually hide in places where they can gain easy access to humans. These places include

Cracks and crevices



Door frames