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February 05, 2019 2 min read

Although mosquitoes are tiny creatures yet they are very dangerous and are vectors of diseases such as malaria, chikungunya, dengue and lots more. It is for this reason that every yard should be kept free of mosquitoes to prevent contracting such diseases. Properties and yards can be kept free of mosquitoes in different ways. This can include fogging, spraying or application of insecticides. One can also protect his or herself from mosquitoes through the use of repellent by applying them on the body. However, this articles place of interest lies on mosquito spray for yard.

It is advisable to spray the yard as often as possible so as not to give mosquitoes the breeding time required for their growth. One of the good sprays for yards is the yard amour mosquito repellent. These repellent spray works in way that it can destroy even the egg form of mosquitoes. Every stage of the mosquitoes can be taken care of by the repellent. But it must be constantly monitored by the control agent to ensure its effectiveness. Mosquito repellent when sprayed around is effective due to the constituent of the repellent. Some homemade mosquito spray are made from natural ingredients such as lemon oil, lavender oil, essential oil, citronella oil and lost more. The aroma of these oils has a way or repelling mosquitoes and keeping them away from protected homes and yard.

Most mosquitoes are garlic intolerant therefore they are rarely found in environments where garlic is present. With this knowledge homemade spray can be made with the use of garlic. This will be able to keep them away from your property for at least 30 days. The good thing about garlic-mosquito spray is that it has no side effect, on the body and at the same time there are no fear of children and their pet being harmed by the effect of this kind of spray. It is mostly odorless and very effective. When sufficiently applied at least four times during the mosquito season it can comfortable deter mosquitoes from your property while the ones already present are killed even at the egg and larvae stage. Since mosquitoes are highly sensitive to smell they can detect the smell of garlic and any other repellent present in an area even when humans can’t.

Mosquito spray for yard

Killer green insect spray is another type of mosquito spray that can be used for your yard. Constantly spraying your yard when necessary can save you the cost of buying expensive equipment and always applying repellent to your skin. This type of mosquito spay can take out mosquito at any stage it is. It contains certain chemical components that have the ability to kill mosquitoes and some other insects like the bugs and spiders. Although this spray is very effective it takes sometimes before the effect begins to manifest nevertheless is it also harmless to the body just like the garlic spray. The killer green insect spray can be used for both indoor and outdoor purpose this makes it very much effective.