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December 26, 2016 2 min read

cat digging gardenRepelling Feral Cats from Flower Garden

Stray and feral cats enjoy digging in and around flower gardens, using the place as their personal litter box. Unfortunately, cat urine kills plants and vegetation leaving destruction and a horrible smell behind. Successful homeowners and professional gardeners protect their investment with Cat MACE cat repellent. Together, with simple techniques gardens can be protected and stray and feral cat can be deterred from protected areas.

Powerful Cat MACE cat repellent products are available in spray or liquid formulas. Granules are designed to protect isolated areas such as flower gardens, porches, tree and shrub areas. Simply sprinkle area to be protected. Liquid formula is available in concentrate or Ready-to-Use spray and is designed for large areas such as open fields or large yards. Cat MACE products contain the scent of all natural essential oils that effectively deter cats away from protected areas.

One natural way to keep the feral cats out of your flower garden is planting plans that can repel them. Plant flowers or plants that give off strong odors cats dislike, causing them to avoid the area. Some of these plants include Coleus canina, also known as the “scaredy cat plant”, lavender, rue, and the pennyroyal. These plants produce an odor cats find offensive and will help to deter stray and feral cats.

There homeowners who prefer to take more aggressive actions such as installing of wire fencing and motion detecting sprinklers. Cats don’t like getting wet so the water sprinkler is one of the most effective methods on how to repel feral cats from flower garden. The use of ground cover or stone mulch such as sharp pine cone can also deter the cats from entering the area. Cats don’t enjoy walking on materials that feel bristly on their paws. One thing to reach a compromise with cats is to build a sandbox especially for cats and place it near the catnip plants. The cat will surely be satisfied and will evacuate in the intended area.

There are many ways to repel feral cats from flower garden and some are more inexpensive than other. Using Cat MACE cat repellent products, planting cat-deterring plants, installing of sprinklers and fencing, and using of bristly mulch are the best ways to keep the cats away.