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April 30, 2020 2 min read

What do deer eat in November? Deer eat a thousand
things in anticipation of the cruel winter months, and we will outline all of
those meals in this article.

For some people, the
month of November is the best time to hunt for deer. However, for these
majestic creatures, they have to think about surviving not only predators but
also the upcoming winter months. Usually, rubbing and scraping between bucks
and does are peaking around this time as they channel their efforts in hopes of
eating enough to get through the brutal winter season.

Winter might be only a
few weeks away, but these animals are already evolving to ensure that they can
live to see food abundance in the next spring. So, you might wonder – what do
deer eat in November? How do they find the right food sources? What are their
options? In this article, we will help you have a clear picture of their
feeding habits in November.

What do deer eat in November?

Deer eat much food and up to about 8 percent of their
total body weight daily. The females, especially, will eat more when breeding
or lactating. The bucks also increase their meal sizes in preparation for the
winter. This is because it might lose more than 25 percent of their body weight
before the end of the winter.

You must also know that
although deer are ruminants like cows, they do not eat grass alone. To make up
their daily requirements, they might eat up to 20 different plant species.
Nevertheless, they are not fussy eaters. Their body is so adaptive that they
depend on the environment for their meal changes from time to time.

Mealtime delicacies


To boost their fat
stores, deer would eat many nuts. They preferably feed on nuts from pecans,
hickory nuts, beechnuts, and acorns. For the acorns, deer ideally eat those
that fall from white oaks to the others from red oak trees


Deer also eat fruits a lot. They preferably snack on persimmons, apples, crab apples, and sumac heads. They can stand on their hind legs and eat from the tree or forage on the forest floor.


During the fall season,
mushroom becomes a personal favorite because it provides a healthy source of
fats and carbohydrates.

Woody browse

Deer also feed on the
buds, twigs, and stems of plants. They enjoy feeding on both flowering and
non-flowering perennials such as dandelions, wild roses, and clover.

Farm Crops

Deer may also eat beans,
potatoes, legumes, wheat, rye, and many more. They usually source for these
varieties from farmlands, when they cannot find other sources. If you want to
keep them out, you can use fences, a guard dog, or tall plants to do so.

Concluding thoughts

So, what do deer eat in
November? Everything they find available, especially fat sources, to augment
their fat stores in anticipation of the winter months. Deer are so versatile
that they can eat buds, twigs, leaves, nuts, fruits from over 600 plant