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Nature’s MACE General FAQ:

Q&A – Is Nature’s MACE Safe? Nature’s MACE is a safe environmentally friendly product company. Our products are manufactured in the U.S. and contain only all-natural ingredients.

Environmentally Safe

Safe for wildlife including aquatic species

Safe for humans and pets

Contain no chemical or synthetic components

Made from all-natural ingredients

Q&A – Is this product safe for pets? Yes, Nature’s MACE is made with all-natural ingredients and will not harm most pets. Always consult your veterinarian when using any product around your pets.

Q&A – How quickly will Nature’s MACE start to work and how long will it last? Nature’s MACE products go to work immediately upon application and continues to provide protection for 3-4 weeks. An accumulative effect will occur with regular applications and our customers indicate that it can last for up to 60 days.

Q&A – Is Nature’s MACE Proven to work? The active ingredients in Nature’s MACE have been proven in University Studies the most effective all-natural means of deterring animals from damaging plants and vegetation.

Q&A – How do I use Nature’s MACE? Nature’s MACE is easy to use. Simply shake your spray bottle to ensure mixing and you’re ready to go. We recommend testing a small area of the plant first before applying on a large scale treatment, as some plant types are highly sensitive. It’s important to spray on leaves, stems, flowers and branches thoroughly from all angles, apply until the plant drips and leaves are very wet. When you’re finished, clean the sprayer to prevent clogging. The best time to begin spraying is at the beginning of each growing season. Reapply every two to three months, or 2 inches of growth emerges. Reapply after heavy rain.

Q&A – How is Nature’s MACE different from other similar products? Nature’s MACE incorporates a repellent technology proven to be effective in repelling animals. Nature’s MACE incorporates a proprietary all-natural sticking agent that allows the active ingredients to better adhere to plants longer.

Q&A – If I have a clogged sprayer, what should do? Always shake Nature’s MACE spray products for a full 60 seconds before each use ensuring ingredients are thoroughly mixed. To prevent clogging, remove spray head and rinse after each use. In the case of a spray nozzle clog, submerge bottle under warm water for 15 minutes or hold spray nozzle head under warm running water for 5 minutes until sprayer resumes functionality.

Q&A – How do you ship your product? We currently ship via FedEx but in some cases we will ship United States Postal Service. Ship time with Priority Mail is typically 1 to 3 business days.

Q&A – How long does it take to ship my order after confirmation? FedEx orders are typically shipped the same day or within 24 hours. Orders placed over weekends and holidays will ship on the next business day.

Q&A – Do you sell or ship to Canada or Other Countries? We ship only to US physical addresses.

Q&A – How secure safe is my personal information when ordering from your website? Our website uses the most sophisticated encryption available. We will never sell or transfer personal information to ANY organization outside our company. We guard your personal information like it was our very own.

Q&A – Is Nature’s MACE safe for my flowers, grass, shrubs and garden? Yes, Nature’s MACE is an all-natural environmentally friendly product. It will not harm or affect plants in any way.

Q&A – What is in Nature’s MACE? Nature’s MACE is a blend of only the finest natural ingredients available. It is manufactured under strict guidelines and classified as non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Nature’s Mace ingredients are classified by the EPA as non-toxic

Q&A – Will it smell bad? Only to animals. Nature’s MACE repellents are unique formulas designed to target the extremely intense senses of smell and taste by browsing animals. Once the product dries, only animals will find the odor offensive.

Q&A – Nature’s MACE EPA Exempt? Nature’s MACE is an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) exempted product/minimum risk and is exempt from the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act requirements, specifically under Section 25(b) c.f. Federal Register, 61(45), Mar. 6, 1996 and therefore is not subject to federal registration.

Q&A – Why does it work so well? Nature’s MACE works by emitting an unpleasant odor that animals associate with predator activity, repelling the animal before it nibbles on your plants.

Q&A – Which repellents actually work? University studies investigating the effectiveness of deer repellents indicate that, of the many products tested, repellents with active ingredients that emitted sulfurous odors emitting from egg solids provided the best results.

Q&A – Is product rotation necessary? Is it necessary to rotate deer and rabbit repellents to maintain effectiveness? Some repellents require rotation, not true with Nature’s MACE. Animals naturally avoid our scent technology so the effectiveness will always work by triggering natural instinctive flight response causing animals to immediately leave the area.