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Stray Cat Removal & Control

Stray Cat Removal and Control

Stray or feral cats are regarded as pest since they habit public places in large numbers and attack each other. The most common complains about them are:

  • Damage Flower, shrubs and landscapes.
  • Damage property, outside furniture, auto, etc.
  • Their population is always call for concern.
  • They produce foul scent during mating
  • They are found around facility dumpsters
  • They are a threat to domesticated cats and dogs.
  • Stray cats habit public places.
  • They produce loud sound during mating or fighting.

This has made most people demand they should be captured and removed.


  1. Cat Repellents / Cat MACE

Stray Cat Behavior:stray cats are wild animals. A cat born and raised in the wild can be hardly become domesticated. A group of cats can form feral colonies. Pet cats can live up 15 years but the wild ones have a short life of 2-3 years. Cats are carnivores but they feed mostly on protein. They hunt for preys such as birds or rodents however; most feral cats feed on garbage and human handouts.

Should I feed stray cats?No. feral cats are a threat to cats and the ecosystem therefore they must be fed. Do not feed any wild animal. It might be fun to you but such act would result in increase of unwanted wild animals. I’ve seen lots of people feed stray cats and their population which causes their population to greatly increase and they become a nuisance to the society. You can take the cat in and turn it into your pet if you wish to own one but never feed a stray cat or any wild animal.

Nuisance Concerns:a lot of persons feel pity whenever they see these animals covered in fleas and shivering. Stray cats are carriers of disease and parasites and spread them wherever they go. They as well pollute the environment with their foul mating scent. Infestation/overpopulation of stray cats in public places has been a very big challenge because some unreasonable people decide to feed them. Stray cats prey on other animals like the songbirds and they pose as threat to other wildlife animal.

Stray cat diseases:rabies and cat-scratch are the most common. However, there are so many other diseases that can be spread by overpopulated wildlife animals.

  • Feline Immunodeficiency Virus and Feline Leukemia. FIV, the feline equivalent of HIV, and FeLV are both immunodeficiency diseases: they destroy immune system of infected cat, making it difficult for him to fight off diseases. …
  • Toxoplasmosis. …
  • Bartonellosis. …
  • Ringworm. …
  • Rabies.

How do I get rid of cats?Call Nature’s MACE at 800-760-0544 and speak with professional to discuss options. Sprayed or Neutering is an option.It is a really not easy to achieve. lots of people hate to see cats in cage and their freedom taken away, but over population of these cats causes problem to our ecosystem. Therefore, it is best not to feed then at all and ensure you do not abandon your cat. In addition, get your cat sprayed or Neutered.