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Did You Know That The Average Deer Can Eat Up To 7 Pounds of food per day? Incredible Right?

Meanwhile, as homeowners struggle to protect their yards and gardens, In the U.S alone, billions of dollars are lost yearly to deer damaged crops.

Let us show you how to end your deer and rabbit problem at last…

Why put up with deer and rabbits eating your valuable plants you took so long to grow? What if I told you that we have a complete line of fully natural, do-it-yourself, safe and easy repellents, that are both highly effective and guaranteed to work?

For too long trying to repel deer and rabbits required expensive fencing, messy netting, gimmicky scare tactics, water sprinklers, and questionable methods with no guarantee to work – but finally, now there is a highly effective, guaranteed solution available called Deer and Rabbit MACE.

This year you can be ahead of the game, take back your plants, and choose a repellent you can trust to protect your area.

Let’s be completely honest, this product may not be for everyone. There are a variety of different ways to keep deer and rabbits out of your space. Famers may utilize deer depredation permits and homeowners may use deer fencing as an alternative option.

With regards to a fence, you must keep in mind that deer can jump almost eight feet high. You also do not want your beautiful garden looking like a prison yard with a rugged metal fence with wiring attached to the top. We’ve personally seen and had customer accounts of deer leaping over tall barriers just to get to one’s backyard. These creatures are relentless when they’re hungry. As you can see in the image, and from “The Tale of Peter Rabbit”, rabbits can and will find a way through your fence and into your garden. For reasons like these, customers often use our repellents in combination with fencing.

** Important Note **If you mainly have a rabbit problem we advise you check out our specialized rabbit deterrents. Although Deer and Rabbit MACE is effective at repelling rabbits, our Rabbit MACE repellents are specifically formulated for repelling rabbits and work best.

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If you’re not sure if Deer and Rabbit MACE is right for you, try asking yourself a few simple questions…

Uncover whether or not our deer and rabbit repellents can help you…

  • Do you notice deer or rabbits in you or your neighbor’s yards?
  • Are you an avid gardener, love your plants, rely on crops for food, or take pride in your home’s landscape?
  • Do you notice your plants have chewed leaves, are missing areas, or are dying altogether?
  • Are you worried about Deer ticks hurting you and your family?
  • Do you not want some big, expensive, and ugly fence?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you may want to continue reading because you are in the right spot. The price of our products pale in comparison to purchasing a wooden or even wire mesh fence, saving you big time. You can use our repellents for light, moderate, and even severe deer issues. It effectively works in all-seasons, and even during normal rain and snow.

A hungry deer will eat just about anything, but not when protected with Deer and Rabbit MACE. Just a light spray of our repellent would have these deer running for a new food source…

No Harmful Chemicals? Safe for Plants and People?

Yes, Deer & Rabbit MACE is safe for use in protecting flower beds, seedlings, shrubs, trees, bushes, gardens, broad landscapes, and anywhere else deer and rabbit rummage. Its formula successfully protects areas, and is used by the likes of professional growers and veteran gardeners. This repellent eliminates the need for harsh chemicals or toxins in sensitive areas. As an added bonus, our products are incredibly easy to apply, meaning no hassle or mess on your end.

Deer and Rabbit MACE Does NOT leave a film, stain, or discolor plants or siding. When used appropriately, it is completely safe for use on all types of plants. This repellent serves as an organic nitrogen fertilizer for strong plant growth and recovery. Help restore your damaged plants with a safe solution that is biodegradable, non-toxic, and simple to use.

All products are pet, animal, and child friendly. We guarantee safe products that are eco-friendly with superior effectiveness to that of other brands. Safe for plants, safe for the environment, and highly effective at repelling deer and rabbit. So, this product is great for your plants and devastating to deer & rabbits. A perfect combination…


  1. Safe and Easy to Use

We set the bar for the highest quality standard in a deer & rabbit repellent. Our ready to use liquid sprays are equipped with a nozzle capable of spraying up to 18ft, protecting those hard to reach areas! Our concentrated formulas come with a safe child resistant cap, and our granular repellents come with an easy to spread shaker cap.

  1. Years of research and testing

You can rely on Deer and Rabbit MACE to solve your deer and rabbit problems. Its formula has been refined to a science through several long years of research, testing, and customer feedback.

Our technology was heavily researched and tested citing studies from the University of Pennsylvania, Nebraska, Connecticut, Auburn, and several others. These studies help prove our formula works best at repelling unwanted deer and rabbits from landscapes, gardens and crops.

  1. More Active Ingredients

Through university studies we identified which ingredients worked best at repelling deer and rabbits. We then included exceptionally more of those ingredients into our formula to make, what we believe to be, the strongest deer and rabbit repellent on the market today. Deer and Rabbit MACE works better by combining more of the most effective ingredients, making it stronger and longer lasting.

In order to create a repellent that lasts for sometimes more than 3 months, we included proprietary sticking agents. Our sticking agents maximize the powerful effect of every product, making it last longer and smell stronger. Our technology ensures adhesion to treated areas, providing the most effective protection. Our time-released-sticking-agent technology has been proven to dramatically increase product duration and effectiveness (in any weather condition). This product will not wash off in normal rain, snow, or during watering.

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  • Effectively Controls Deer and Rabbit for up to 3 months or more!
  • 100% Biodegradable and Made of Fully Natural Ingredients
  • Easy to Use and Safe around Children and Pets
  • Works as an Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer for Strong Plant Growth & Recovery
  • Uniquely Repels by the Sense of Taste, Smell, and Fear
  • Used Heavily in Commercial Farming and Agriculture
  • Stronger Formula with More Active Ingredient than other leading brands
  • Gives off a Powerful and Fresh Minty Scent Deer Hate!
  • Safe to Use on Edible Crops, Plants, and Vegetation
  • With Sticking Agents that Provide for Long-Lasting Time Released Protection
  • Works in All Seasons, Weather – Resistant, and Will Not Easily Wash Off!
  • Tested and Backed by Scientific Research and Several University Studies
  • Confidently offered with our Nature’s MACE 100% Money Back Guarantee!

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