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Stray Dogs Repellent

Stray Dogs Repellent

Stray dogs are a nuisance in so many ways. If not properly cared for they can turn wild and become dangerous or be just dirty and noisy. The most common problems are:

  • Poses as threat to other pet and spreading of fleas.
  • Constant Barking
  • Dangerous stray dog.
  • Destroying properties and scattering trash cans

These have made lots of people demand they be caught and taken away.

Stray Dog Repellent

When you finally catch that stray dog that has always destroyed your garden and turned your yard into a mess then it is time for you to do what needs to be done to get rid of that dog and restore the good looks of your environment.

Dog MACE: is most effective dog repellent focusing on dogs keen sense of smell and taste. Dog MACE effectiveness was achieved by isolating the most effective dog repellent on the market and combining the best ingredients into one powerful product.

Scent elimination: It may necessary to get rid of the scent from the previous marking using an enzymatic cleaner. Using another scent to cover the odor of the marking is hardly effective. The enzymatic cleaner is used to neutralize and digest the odor from the previous urine marking to avoid continuity of the behavior. Apply Dog MACE after enzymatic cleaner is used to effectively train dogs to avoid treated areas.

Eliminate Food Sources

Stray dogs are constantly in search of food. If they visit your yard more than normal this means there is always food available for them to eat there. Evaluate your yard. Does the lid of your trash can get easily knocked off? Does the can smell like a kitchen? Do you have issues with small rodents or feed some of your pet animal outside? If the answers to these questions are yes then it explains why the dogs are always found in your home. Get trash cans that come with animal proof lids and spray pepper spray in them before use. Do not feed your pet outside otherwise you have to keep an eye on it. Treat any rodent issue quickly if you are challenged with any. This could help prevent stray dogs from hanging around your yard for so long.

Hose Them Down

This might appear simply but it is only effective for a short while. Spraying stray dogs with water hose to keep them off your property is quite effective but can only be done when you are awake or around your home however these dogs can always come around when you are fast asleep. This method does not last long, although it doesn’t cost any money yet it can’t solve the problem.

Fence Them Out

A water hose is really not an effective repellent if your yard is trouble by stray dogs when you are asleep. Erecting a fence might be more effective. Fences can always keep dogs away from your home at all times without your supervision however it needs to be properly maintained and it cost much to do so. In addition labor expenses, would be added to cost if you are unable to erect it yourself. If money is not a challenge to you, fences are not the best repelling option when considering beauty and practical reasons.

Electric Barriers

There are times when a regular fence would not effectively keep stray dogs away. Some of them could create a path for themselves on the fence and you would be required to constantly fix it. This can make you spend so much within a short time. You can purchase a kit that could be used on your fence which would prevent the dog from coming close to it after the first trial and save you the unnecessary cost. Nevertheless, you must bear in mind that your children, pet or other animals might get hurt by the electrical fence. This therefore rules it out as the perfect stray dog repellent strategy.

Motion Activated Water Sensor

Motion activated water sensors can be used as a stray dog repellant since it is able to shoot water quickly at the dog once it gets too near to the sensor. This unexpected move would frighten the dog and it would take to its heels. However, this method can as well not keep the stray dog away for long as it would always return and pass through the water after getting used to it.