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Top Ten Common Problems Caused by Stray Dogs

Top 10 Common Problems Caused by Stray Dogs?

Dogs that don’t have homes and live on the streets are stray dogs. They could also be owned by someone who and might be out itself. Overpopulation of humans and urban arrangement which is chaotic has resulted to a large population of stray dogs in most places in the globe. There are a lot of problems caused by stray dogs. The top ten include;

1) Dogs that are out by themselves could cause accidents when it runs in the road, which may also lead to injuries to it and other people.

2) Stray dogs always mess up places and themselves because there is no one looking after them.

3) These dogs may gain the urge to hunt and might bump into a garden owned by other people who may cause harm to pets which include rabbits and guinea pigs. When a stray dog stumbles into a farm land and wrecks harm to livestock, there is a possibility that famers may shoot at it since they are allowed to do that.

4) Stray dogs enjoy opening garbage bags and they can lead to garbage and refuse being scattered all around the environment and street.

5) Stray dogs frequently live under sheds, decks, buildings and transmit fleas there. Worse stil, stray dogs may ingest something that might lead them to die under a structure and lead to a rotting and horrible odour.

6) Every stray dog isn’t friendly to humans and there is a possibility of someone getting bitten by an uncontrolled stray dog.

7) Stray dogs enjoy moving in packs so it may lead to a threatening feel and also lead to puppies which are excessive and redundant.

8) They tend to howl and bark especially when there is a fight with another dog which is common during matting.

9) They may spread rabies which is a dangerous disease that can be passed to human beings with ease. Although, all the animals which are temperate-blooded can get and pass rabies, dogs are known as the most recognized transporters of this disease in the globe. Rabies are leading to an increase in the number of human deaths each year and the count continues to increase yearly regardless of the different steps taken which includes immunizing the patients and cleaning up the wounds of the patient immediately after being bitten.

10) When they try to mate or fight among themselves, these dogs may bite other dogs. Other human beings and walkers in the environment can accidentally get bitten frequently. Female dogs with puppies will be more self aware and aggressive and may bite anybody who makes an approach towards their family.