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Forestry Management

Forestry Management Experts Choose Deer MACE™ Commercial Deer Repellent

Industry estimates browsing damage to forestry regeneration programs may reach 1 Billion annually. Land managers struggle to manage the catastrophic impact deer browsing is having on regeneration projects. Browsing causes damage to new shoots and rooted stock compromising reforestation efforts.

Our technology has effectively isolated specific ingredients proven to be effective at repelling deer. We have combined these highly effective ingredients into a concentrated product effective in repelling deer. This sure- fire solution is guaranteed to protect forestry land projects. Farmers especially choose Nature’s MACE over other leading brands, and prefer our brand over homemade repellents.

Deer MACE™ “fear based” technology relies on a smell and taste and of course fear method of deterrent. This fear base technology creates a high level of stress in browsing animals, causing an uneasy anxiety and increased urge to move on to safer grounds. To our knowledge, no other repellent offers this 3 prong approach to repel deer. Deer MACE™ is safe for the environment, all- natural, rain- resistant, a natural fertilizer, and biodegradable. Also works on Rabbits!

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Peppermint scent and dries odor free

Advanced sticking technology – Won’t WASH OFF!

Winter and Rain Resistant

100% All-Natural Ingredients

Which deer repellents work best?

“There are many commercial deer repellent products on the market; products containing Putrescent Whole Egg Solids or sulfur odor have been proven in university studies to be the most effective method of repelling deer from browsing forestry projects.”

“Products containing ingredients which cause irritation, pain (capsaicin), or illness (thiram) were proven to be less effective and may be harmful to wildlife”

Nature’s MACE™ Commercial Deer Repellent is the most powerful form of all-natural animal control available. Deer MACE is proven by numerous University Studies as most effective. It’s your all-natural solution, easy to use and guaranteed to work. Made in the USA.