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Mole & Vole MACE Question and Answers

Mole & Vole MACE Question and Answers

Q&A – Mole & Vole MACE™ Granular FormulaUtilizes a proprietary Time Releasedformulation enhancing the soil penetrating ability of the Powerful Active Ingredient”, castor oil. Mole & Vole MACE contains Twice the Active Ingredient”as the leading competitor. Mole & Vole MACE repels ridding lawns and ornamental areas of Moles, Voles, Gopher and Armadillos. Homeowners, gardeners, professional landscapers and commercial property owners have discovered Mole & Vole MACE™ stops damage – NATURALLY! Shop Now!

Q&A – What are the ingredients?Castor Oil 30.0%, Garlic 1.0%, Citronella Oil 0.5%, Thyme Oil 0.5% Other Ingredients: Peanut Hull 68.0%. Shop Now!

Q&A – What does it repel?Moles, gophers, voles, armadillos & other burrowing pests.Shop Now!

Q&A – What size does it come in? Mole & Vole MACE™ Granular Formula comes in 2.2 lb. / 5 lb. / 22 lb. containers. Shop Now!

Q&A – How Much does it treat? 2.2lb Granular Protects Approximately. 2,500 Sq.ft, 5lb. Granular Protects Approximately. 5,000 Sq.ft, 22lb. Granular Protects Approximately. 25,000 Sq.ft, Ideal for agriculture, golf courses, and large estate landscapes. Shop Now!

Q&A – What are the directions?Directions for General Application: To keep contents fresh, be sure to close container tightly after use. Mole & Vole MACE™ should be applied in the spring and fall when activity is highest. Apply 1 lb. of product per 800 Sq. Ft. and reapply every 2-3 months to ensure consistent repellency. Product can be applied directly from container or by using a broadcast/drop spreader. Shop Now!

For first application, locate mole areas and runways to determine which way to push the moles out of your yard. Next, protect the areas that are not yet invaded by moles. Then, direct the moles away from the lawn by treating the lawn in stages. Shop Now!

Day 1: Spread the granules over the area not yet invaded by moles. Lightly water in the granules for approximately 10-15 minutes after application. Apply Mole & Vole MACE up to 50% of lawn. Start at the area farthest from where you want the moles to exit, then water for approximately 10-15 minutes. Shop Now!

Day 2:Spread granules over second area invaded by moles and towards the boundary of the lawn where you want moles to exit your property. Lightly water the granules for approximately 10-15 minutes. Locate mole runways and punch a 1” hole every 8 feet and apply 2-4 tablespoons into each hole and cover with soil. Shop Now!

Day 12: Re-apply Mole & Vole MACE™ granules over entire affected area. Lightly water in the granules for approximately 10-15 minutes after application. Re-apply every 2-3 months as required. Shop Now!

Q&A – Can I use a spreader for dispersing Mole & Vole MACE?Yes, and we have listed the most common spreader settings below.

  • Scott Speedy Green Spreader 3-4
  • Scott Easy Green Spreader 19-21
  • Quaker Broadcast Spreader 3-4
  • Earthway Broadcast Spreader 12-14
  • Red Devil Broadcast Spreader 4-5
  • EZ Broadcast Republic Spreader 3-4
  • Quaker Broadcast Spreader 3-4

Q&A – When should I use it to prevent mole and vole infestation? Mole & Vole MACE should be applied in the spring and fall, as a preventive measure, keeping moles, voles, and other pests from making your lawn or garden their home. Shop Now!

Q&A – Is Mole MACE Guaranteed?If for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied, Nature’s MACE™ will refund the suggested retail price or replace this product with an equal product. Nature’s MACE™ will not be responsible or liable for any damage. Nature’s MACE™ does not guarantee the success or rate of plant growth. Refund or replacement of the product is our only obligation and or guarantee. If you are not happy with Mole MACE products or services, please contact us, we want to know about it! Please call us at 800-760-0544, 8:00am-5:00pm Monday-Friday EST. Shop Now!

Q&A – All Natural – EPA exempt?Nature’s MACE Snake Repellent has been thoroughly researched and tested to ensure superior product performance while maintaining Eco-safe standards. Nature’s MACE represents that this product meets the Minimum Risk requirements for an insecticide and qualifies for exemption from EPA registration under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA). Shop Now!