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Deer & Rabbit MACE – University Proven Technology

Nature’s MACE Deer and Rabbit Repellent will deliver more powerful protection than any other brand. Studies prove Nature’s MACE technology works best, outperforming other brands by effectively repelling deer and rabbits from landscapes, gardens, flowers, shrubs, trees and vines. Our product contains more than 4X the active ingredient of other leading deer and rabbit repellents. We incorporate more active ingredients to powerful deter even the hungriest of animals. Made up of the most powerful ingredients found in nature today, our repellents WILL do the job – Guaranteed. Our repellents are perfect for homeowners and are used by countless happy customers across America. We created both granular and liquid repellents to best suit the type of application. Our spray nozzle is the best in the industry, spraying approximately 18 Feet! Quick and Easy to Use with No Mess Involved.

Unlike other repellents that work on the taste method for repelling, Nature’s MACE uses scent and fear technology proven to effectively repel deer and rabbits better than other methods. No other repellent offers such powerful effects. Our Deer and Rabbit repellents also fertilize lawns and gardens, not only repelling but reviving.

Nature’s MACE is manufactured with Eco-friendly ingredients, safe for family, pets, plants and the environment! Our rain-resistant formula provides long-lasting All Season plant protection from deer browsing and rabbit munching. This product Won’t Wash Off…

Nature’s MACE Multi-Action Rabbit Repellent Really Works!

Nature’s MACE Multi-Action Rabbit Repellent delivers more protection. Studies show Nature’s MACE technology works best, by effectively repelling foraging rabbits from landscapes, gardens, flowers, shrubs, trees and vines. Our product contains ingredients that create an irritating and repulsive scent to rabbits and other small animals.

Nature’s MACE rabbit repellent will change animal browsing behavior. With regular application, on a 30 to 60-day rotation, you will save flowers and vegetables by teaching rabbits to stay clear of landscaped and garden areas. Rabbits especially, are opportunist and will feed on any plant life available. So apply Nature’s Mace repellent and stop the damage cycle before it begins.