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September 18, 2019 3 min read

Would questions like these ever cross your mind—are bed bugs fast-moving? Do bed bugs fly or jump or swim? If you have bedbugs in your space, then this article will help you understand how bed bugs move so you can defeat them

When we think about the size of bed bugs, it’s no wonder we envision that they crawl at a plodding speed. But when you consider their ability to travel and climb to high places, it’s no wonder you should think differently, with bed bugs. After all, you can use that knowledge to deal with them.

Bed bugs interact with humans a lot. The chemicals (like CO2) we release into the atmosphere attracts them to us. It’s no surprise; we can find them in all kinds of places as long as there are humans there. But yet, it can confuse us when we think about how they got to such heights.

Can Bed bugs fly, swim or jump?

To find out their exact movements, let’s rule out the things they can’t do. For starters bed, bugs cannot fly or jump. They don’t have wings or similar morphological characteristics for such. Bed bugs are little wingless oval-shaped bugs with six legs.

If you find something that looks like a bed bug flying around, then you might be looking at a stink bug.

Bed bugs can crawl and attach to clothes, humans, and many other things. They are usually translucent, so it is hard to see them in their hiding places.

How fast do Bed Bugs move?

Despite their small size, they can crawl three to four feet per minutes. On first glance, this looks relatively small. But when you find that the average human adult prints at the same speed, you can see just how fast they are.

However, they can’t crawl so fast on all surfaces. They travel easily on natural and textured surfaces, but they don’t have the right traction for moving on slick surfaces.

Due to their relatively high speed, they can crawl onto the bed in minutes, move around floor and rooms and find crevices to hide easily.

Can Bed Bugs scale walls?

Bed bugs are also very good at attaching to things. That’ the reason they can travel with humans a lot. But you should even know that they can climb walls or all kinds of sturdy surfaces. So, you can find them in crevices up the walls or affixed to the bedposts hiding until it feels safe to come out and move around.

How to stop bed bugs from getting around

Keep your home free from clutter and clean your home regularly. Dirt does not attract bed bugs, but they can move freely from place to place when they have more places to hide. If you have to call in the bed bugs exterminators, do so as quickly as you can. They will help you deal with those stubborn bugs and get rid of them from your home.

So to sum this article and answer the big question—are bed bugs fast-moving? Yes, they are, but they don’t fly, jump or swim. They can crawl at a relatively fast speed in search of their meal. To prevent an extensive infestation, call the exterminator, and get rid of clutter in your home.