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August 12, 2019 2 min read

What’s the difference between a lice and bed bug?

Their small size often makes differentiating both insects rather difficult. They both feed on human blood for survival. Just because they share some similarities doesn’t mean they can be eradicated using the same control methods. Rather, it is essential to differentiate between bed bugs and lice, if you want to be successful in your control endeavor.

The following can help you differentiate both;


Lice have an oblong body while bedbugs have a flat, oval shape.


Bed bugs are bigger than lice, and when fully grown, they measure close to 1/4th of an inch in length. Lice are smaller than bed bugs, and when fully grown, they measure 1/8th of an inch in length


Bed bugs are reddish-brown, while lice are gray in color


Head lice are common at home than any other type of lice. They live on the human scalp and feed on it until they are brushed off, or scratched off. Bed bugs can reside anywhere in the house. They usually bite exposed skin, and when they are done feeding, thy return to their resting place which is often cool dark spots.

Damages of bed bugs and lice


Lice have a unique feeding habit. They attach themselves to their host and feed off them on a daily basis in order to survive. Head lice (which is the common lice found at home) can stay on the human hair for as long as possible, and they usually lay their eggs on the hair of humans. Their bites lead to scratching and itching.

Bed bugs

Bed bugs usually feed on exposed sins of humans. Whereas some people don’t show any reaction to the bites, others experience skin rash and itch immediately or after several days. Common signs of bed bugs include; fecal stains, empty exoskeleton, and dark spots.