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October 30, 2015 2 min read

Our best friends can also do a lot of damage to our property, whether it is in the home, or in our yards. Depending on the breed and size of a dog, damage can range to chewing on furniture and plants, peeing and pooping in undesirable places, digging holes, or disrupting one’s peace and quiet with barking and whining.

As popular as they are, dogs can be a nuisance when not properly trained, and the best dog repellent home remedy will train dogs away from any behavior that is undesirable. Negative reinforcements are the most effective methods to train dogs away from your yard, sections of your property, and any other behavior. Whenever a dog attempts to engage in an unwanted behavior, it receives a negative reaction, and will soon learn to avoid that behavior altogether. There are a variety of ways to administer negative reinforcement in ways that are humane and easy.

Dogs have a strong response to taste, so for chewing behaviors, the best dog repellent home remedy is to spray anything that is being chewed with something that tastes bad for the dog, so that a dog will receive and immediate negative reinforcement when beginning the behavior. Vinegar, ammonia, and citrus tastes will all make excellent dog repellents. Citrus fruits can be cut up and placed in areas of your garden, or citrus oil can be diluted and sprays on plants. For indoor use, read labels to make sure that the ingredients are not damaging to furniture. For outdoor use, be aware the when watered into the ground, ammonia and vinegar can damage plants, but it is generally safe for plants to apply these mixtures onto the leaves and branches to deter dogs. These strong tastes will also deter other plant-eating pests, including rabbits and deer. Other strong tastes like hot peppers, are effective. Two tablespoons of crushed hot pepper powers can be mixed with up to ten cups of waters and sprayed onto plants and areas of your yard. Any sprays like this must be reapplied after rain or watering, until the dog is trained to stay away.

Like humans, all dogs have different tastes and sensibilities, and so various ingredients may work better for some dogs. Other ingredients to experiment with for the best dog repellent home remedy include garlic oil, citronella, and lavender oils, diluted with water. Most of these products will effectively repel dogs with their odor alone, and certainly with their tastes.

Finally, in addition to negative reinforcement, dog owners should provide positive reinforcement in form of treats and praise when a dog is behaving in a positive manner. If it is your own dog you would like to repel away from certain areas, then provide praise and treat when the dog relieving itself, or just hanging out in a more appropriate area. This method, of course, will only work for dog owners. Providing any sort of stray or loose dog with positive rewards will only invite them to return.