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December 04, 2015 2 min read

The best mouse control for house mice and white footed mice usually depends on what sort of situation needs the control. Mice are a widespread problem everywhere that there are people. It is important to keep your home free of mice, because they can carry diseases that can be spread to people and pets, and some of the diseases can be fatal. Besides the disease factors, mice can chew away on furniture, walls, and wires, leading to damage, bad odors where they have urinated, or even died, and damage to electronic wires can present addition hazards for fires, not to mention very costly repairs.

The best mouse control is to prevent them from entering your home in the first place, and there are several ways in which to do this. The first obvious but not so easy way is to block off any entryways that mice can use in your home. This may include vents in the attic, which can have screens nailed over them tightly to prevent mice, birds, and squirrels from entering the attic. Air vents anywhere in the house that lead to outside can also be screens tightly to that pests can’t enter. Basements and garages should be inspected as well for anywhere that might allow even the tiniest mouse inside, and depending on the structure of your house, water pipes can be insulated with foam spray that will block any holes the mice and bugs can use.

Once your home is secure from holes, the best mouse control is to next eliminate any food and water sources that they may be drawn to. This includes human food, pet food, and bird food, and may even include other items like rice paper.

The next step for best mouse control is to spray the perimeter of the house, especially the areas where mice have been spotted, with a mouse repellent. There are a variety of mouse repellents available in stores and online that are made out of peppermint oil, and will deter mice from crossing the line where it is sprayed. Most sprays can be safely used inside, and for double duty, spray or pellets with the same repelling peppermint oil can be sprinkled around the outside of ones house. The strong smells hurts their nasal membranes and is quite effective at keeping them away.

Another approach for mouse control is a cat or dog, such as a rat terrier. Even if they don’t catch a lot of mice, don’t be fooled, they are likely to be scaring the mice away.

The best mouse control consists of combining many of these common sense actions, like sealing up food and holes, with a good repellent that contains peppermint oil. But if you are still suffering from mouse problems after that, it might be time to look into traps or poisons. There are a variety of options available at most large stores, and the best mouse control can be determined by using some trial and error and thorough house cleaning.