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February 28, 2020 2 min read

Can bed bugs go inside your body?
This puzzling question has been on the minds of a lot of people, especially
those dealing with bed bugs infestation. In this article, we will talk about whether
bed bugs can enter the human body.

Bed bugs are
annoying, and having them is a terrible experience. Bed bugs feed on the blood
of humans and warm-blooded animals. They invade homes by detecting carbon
dioxide released by people or animals. They feed by penetrating the skin to
inject a salivary fluid, which numbs the skin while they feed. Bed bugs do not
transfer diseases, but they can cause allergies or skin infection.

However, you
might be wondering whether they can go into the skin. Therefore, we need to cut
right to the chase.

Bed bugs and the Human body

The shortest
answer to this overwhelming question – can bed bugs go inside your body, is
that bed bugs can’t enter the human body. Though they are tiny, they don’t have
the right body structure that allows for such a move. In reality, bed bugs do
not even live on the human body. They are so opportunistic that they prefer to
feed on exposed areas, so they can quickly get a taste and hop back to a
perfect hiding spot. Bed bugs do not also like heat. This is one of the reasons;
they bite mostly at night, preferably at the early hours of the morning, when
the body temperature is cooler. Therefore, bed bugs will most likely enter the
home through backpacks, shoes, luggage and coats, furniture, and big coats,
which are far from the body.

What Other Insects Enter The Human Body?

Bed bugs
cannot enter the human body, but other pests can carry out that stunt. The
human botfly, leech, guinea worm, and particular species of fleas found in sub-Saharan
Africa can enter inside the human body.

Can bed bugs go inside the body? No, bed bugs
cannot crawl or burrow into the human body or other animals. Bed bugs do not
have the body parts for such stunts. They also do not live on humans or pets in
general, like many other household pests. Bed bugs will preferably seek a
hiding spot closest to their hosts, such as the mattress, baseboards, furniture,
clothes, and cracks and crevices in the home.

Once you
suspect bed bugs in your home, deal with them immediately. A single pregnant
female can wreak havoc in the house in just two weeks. Therefore, you must call
the professionals as soon as possible to deal with the infestation immediately.
They will help you pick the best treatment option, so you can say goodbye to
worrying about bed bugs in your home. Your
family, pets, and loved ones will be a lot safer if you deal with the
infestation as early as possible.