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January 31, 2018 2 min read

Can Bed Bugs live in walls?

Bed bugs feed on their hosts mostly while they are asleep. This feeding is done painlessly as the bug injects its saliva which is contains an anesthetic into the area of skin of its host before feeding to keep that area numb. Bed bugs are more likely to bite in rows, leaving about three bites in each row. This serial arrangement of their bites occurs when they are disturbed during feeding and return about a centimeter away to continue feeding. Sensitivity to bites from bed bugs increase as frequency of bite increases as is similar with mosquito and flea bites.

There are several ways bed bugs can get into the home. They include:

  • By transportation from outside the home when new furniture and equipment that are susceptible to infestation are being moved into the home. This is common especially if the furniture has been in use elsewhere or is bought from old users,
  • Introduction through warm blooded animals like birds and bats. When this animals enter the home, there are possibilities that they leave behind bed bugs as they are common hosts to the parasite as well.
  • From other apartments through openings and crevices in walls, tubes and holes.

The peak feeding time for bed bugs is usually a couple of hours before sunrise and at this time, they come out of their hiding place in search of food. They are able to reach their hosts by sensing the heat waves of the human body or detecting carbon dioxide in the atmosphere ( which is a huge pointer to human presence in a room).

Although bed bugs can travel distances up to twenty (20) feet to get to their host, they prefer to reside not very far from the host’s resting place. For this reason, it wouldn’t e an uncommon scenario to find bed bugs in walls. Bed bugs are similar in size to a grain of rice with thickness not more than that of a credit card. They can therefore fit easily into cracks and crevices in walls as long as the walls are close to the host at most times.

It is important to get rid of bed bugs that live in walls especially the walls closest to spots we stay in for prolonged periods as they can easily get to us. Reaching insecticides or bug sprays that can effectively eliminate bed bugs, and at the same time not cause harm to you or destroy your walls is usually a feat. However, Nature’s MACE Bed Bug Killer offers such privilege.

Can Bed Bugs live in walls

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