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February 02, 2018 2 min read

Can Bed Bugs live in your hair?

Cimex lectularius (Cimicidae), commonly known as bed bugs are parasitic insects that feed solely on the blood of warm-blooded animals of which humans are the main hosts. Adult bed bugs grow up to 0.3 inches long and possess flattened oval shapes. Their nymphs are about the size of a Pinhead and are as visible to the naked eyes as the adult bugs.

The evolution of bed bugs over countless ages have turned them into nest parasites often inhabiting the nests of birds and roosts of bats. Along the line, they have also learned to adapt to human habitats and have become a growing problem within all types of human dwellings. They have preferentially adapted to places humans dwell in for a prolonged period such as homes, various shelters, departmental stores, offices, ships, dormitories and military barracks.

Though nest parasites, bed bugs may be transported via humans I.e, they tend to hide on a person or personal possessions to move from place to place after which they prefer to stay completely out of sight until their bellies tug at them. It is particularly uncommon to find bed bugs crawling around the body especially the hair all through the day because for one thing, bed bugs do not have claws like other bugs that help them navigate through the hair. You might likely be dealing with lice or tick as these insects have features that help them survive in human hairs unlike the bed bug that have features that only help them survive on skin surfaces.

However, if you can’t help the movements of bugs in your hair, wash out your hair with warm water and shampoo (especially minty shampoo). Wash your bed linen, scarves, hats, shower caps and all head accessories with hot water, sun dry your pillows. Check your entire dwelling for infestations of bed bugs especially their common hideout and employ the use of NATURE’S MACE BED BUG KILLER to get rid of their habitations. Nature’s MACE has a Commercial Strength formulae that eliminates the eggs, nymph and adult bed bugs.

Can Bed Bugs live in your hair

Using insecticides on places from which bed bugs can into hair can be dangerous to the health because these insecticides unlike Nature’s MACE Bed Bug Killer, contain toxic and harmful chemicals that can cause harm to human health when it comes in contact with the body. Nature’s MACE should be used because it is a proprietary blend of all natural, organic and non toxic ingredients that eliminates all traces of bed bug on first application. For optimum results, apply Natures MACE Bed Bug Killer on joints of beds, in wall cracks and window frames around your sleeping areas. It is important to note that Nature’s MACE produces no bad odor but rather a freshly minty perfume that retains your comfort while helping you get rid of bugs.