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February 03, 2018 3 min read

Can bed bugs live on a leather couch?

The sight of bed bugs is frightening. Frightening not because they carry diseases, but because the sight of one is indicative of the presence of hundreds more. These blood sucking critters are so small that they can fit in just about anywhere. That tiny crack on the surface of the table in your kitchen is large enough accommodate a large family of blood hungry bugs.

And, bed bugs are indiscriminate when choosing a place of habitation – no place is so sacred that they can’t invade. This also includes the leather couch in your living room.

Why on earth would a bug want to live in a couch? Well the answer is simple: next to a bed, a couch is the closest they can get to their next meal. How many times have you slept off on that comfy couch while watching late night TV shows? Chances are you have lost count. So while you are busy snoring away, these blood suckers are busy having a feast. And worse, they don’t only feed while their victim is asleep – they do so even when they are wide awake.

As they suck blood from their victim, they inject a pain-relieving chemical, thus making it extremely difficult to detect their operation. The pain and itching they leave behind can only be felt minutes later after they are done filling their tank. So, even when you are awake you are still not safe on a couch that has been infested with bed bugs.

What appropriate action should you take should bugs take over your precious leather couch? Throw it out and get it burnt? Not by a long shot. While this may seem to be an effective solution, it is rather expensive as you would have to spend money getting a new one. The good news, however, is that there are a couple of effective techniques for ridding a leather couch of bed bugs. Let’s have a look at some of them

How to rid a leather couch of bed bugs

  • Vacuuming:Call it sucking up the suckers if you wish – vacuuming works against bugs. When used on a bug infested couch, a vacuum machine will suck up live bugs as well as their eggs. It will also suck up sheds of human skin that serve as an attractant. This technique, however, shouldn’t be solely depended on. It’s just not possible to suck up every single bug living in a couch.
  • Use of spray:A spray that works effectively against, say, mosquitoes won’t work on bugs. Using a specially formulated anti-bedbug spray is your best bet. Beg bug spray is of two kinds: chemical and natural spray. If there are no kids or pets at home, chemical spray will suffice. Otherwise, go for natural spray as it is made from natural, non-toxic substances. A one-off treatment with bug spray won’t work. You will have to be consistent enough with it until it yields desired results.
  • Hot steam treatment: An extremely hot jet of steam can decimate a habitation of bed bugs. However, extreme care needs to be taken to avoid damaging the couch. It is better you seek professional help instead of doing it on your own.
  • Nature's Mace Bed Bug Killer: True to its name, Nature's Mace Bed Bug Killer does one thing effectively; kill bugs!