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February 04, 2018 2 min read

Can bed bugs live in the cold?

Bed bugs are an annoying set of pests, no doubt. They have a near flat body structure that makes it easy for them to penetrate minutely thin openings. As such, they can live unnoticed on picture frames, crevices along the surface of furniture etc.

Bed bug infestation is the last thing you would ever want to experience. They can make your home a living hell. Even worse, getting rid of them is one hell lot of work. The thing is, there is no singular technique for getting rid of beg bug.

Freezing is one of the several techniques used for solving bed bug infestation problem. But, how effective is it?

Can freezing temperature kill bed bugs?

Beg bugs are highly adaptable set of critters. They can adjust their metabolic systems to suit whatever environment they find themselves. In a hot environment, they will activate their internal cooling system to stay alive for as long as possible. To stay alive in an extremely cold environment, they will drastically reduce the freezing point of their body temperature. In so doing, they can survive for several days even if placed in a freezer. So, yes, bed bugs can survive well in extremely cold environment.

How to get rid of bed bugs via freezing

True, bed bugs can survive well no matter how cold and unbearable temperatures can be. The good news is, their tolerance to cold has a limit. If done properly, freezing can permanently solve bed bug infestation. Here’s how to go about it

  • First identify and isolate the items bed bugs might be hiding. Next, place the isolated items in a moisture proof bag – large freezer bags will do the job well. Placing these items in a moisture proof bag has a two-fold benefit. First is to prevent the bugs from escaping and infesting your freezer. Second is to prevent moisture damage on the infested item. The secret to beating these critters to their game is by subjecting them to freezing temperature for an extensive period of time. Set the temperature of the freezer to -20 degree Celsius, and leave for nothing less than 5 days. The chances of a bug surviving is almost zero.
  • For large household items like upholsteries which can’t be placed in a freezer, consider taking them outside during the dead of the winter. The trick here, like the first one, is to subject them to freezing temperatures for an extensive period of time. But if you live in a place that barely experiences winter, you will just have to try other techniques.

Can bed bugs live in the cold

Non-cold techniques for getting rid of bed bugs

There are several other ways of killing off bed bugs without jeopardizing your safety and that of your family. Below are some of them

  • Use of insecticides:Common insecticides won’t work on bed bugs. So, before shelling out money buying insecticides, consult with a professional – they know which insecticide works best.
  • Replace infested furniture if possible: If beg bugs have taken over the upholstery in your living room, it’s best to replace it rather than treating it.
  • Using Nature Mace’s Bed Bug Killer: When every other thing fails, use Nature Mace Bed Bug Killer.