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August 04, 2020 2 min read

Can I vacuum after bed bug treatment? Bed bug treatments have specific approaches and post techniques; in this article, we will discuss the right time to vacuum after a bed bug treatment.

Vacuuming can help you get rid of a massive percentage of the population of bed bugs in your home. However, you should not use vacuuming at primary treatment. Therefore, when you think about the question- can I vacuum after bed bug treatment, you instantly realize that you must. The only problem is when and how to vacuum after the bed bug treatment.

When To Vacuum After A Bed Bug Treatment

Depending on the treatment you used, you can vacuum within hours of the procedure. For instance, in the case of heat treatment, you can vacuum within six to seven hours after the treatment. Within hours after heat treatment, your home might be too hot and uncomfortable. The rule of thumb is as soon as you are allowed to clean your home by the professionals, then you can vacuum as well. For spray treatments, you may need three to four hours before going back into your home. However, some treatments may not allow you to vacuum until after a few days or weeks. Speak to the professionals to help you figure out the right time for vacuuming. You should also vacuum repeatedly and every day for the next 3 to 4 days to capture all remaining bed bugs.

How to Vacuum After A Bed Bug Treatment

Add a HEPA filter to your vacuum cleaner and make the suction as strong as possible. This helps dislodge bed bugs from their hidden spots around your home. You must concentrate on the toughest posts around your home, including all cracks and crevices. When you finish vacuuming, secure the vacuum bag and dispose of properly. You can repeatedly vacuum also to reduce the number of repeat bed bug treatments you may need. Besides vacuuming, you must do some other things;


Wash all clothes, linens, rugs, curtains, throws, covers, and other items in your home at the hottest possible temperature. For fabrics that can withstand bleach, you may add that in to kill all bugs. For other items that cannot be washed, you can seal them in bags and dry clean.


Clutter does not attract bed bugs, but it presents a lot of hiding spots. Throw out infested items that are not off much use. For this discarded infested furniture, make sure to spray with “bed bug-infested,” so no one picks it up.

After vacuuming, clean the vacuum with hot soapy water and securely dispose of the vacuum bag. It is also important to do the actual act of securing the bag outside your home.


Can I Vacuum After Bed Bug Treatment

So, when asked the question – can I vacuum after bed bug treatment? Yes, you can, and this can happen anywhere from three hours to a few days or a week after treatment. You must vacuum as soon as possible to control the bed bug infestation.