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February 04, 2020 2 min read

You may be able to see bed bugs with your eyes. However, can you see bed bug eggs with the human eyes? We will answer this question in this article.

Bed bugs are tiny insects and excellent hitchhikers. They infest the home by taking rides in clothes, bags, and even shoes. Because they feed on human blood, you will mostly find them in places inhabited by humans. They are a nuisance, primarily because of the discomfort, allergies, and infections they can cause.

Identifying bed bugs in your home begins with knowing what to look for. You must understand that bed bugs lay eggs, which are the reasons the infestation may double if left for too long.

You can search for the adult bugs, but since they are excellent at hiding, it is better to look for other signs of the bugs. One thing that would come to mind is finding their eggs. However, can you see bed bug eggs with the human eye? Sure, let’s find out how that works.

How to identify bed bug eggs

You can find bed bug eggs with the human eye. However, it is tough, especially if you are not a professional. You will need a magnifying glass and flashlight to make things a lot easier.

How do bed bug eggs look like?

Bed bug eggs look like poppy seeds or two grains of salt glued together. The eggs are off-white, translucent, and have an elongated shape. When these eggs are more than five days old, you may find a visible dark mark or two that resembles an eye on them. These eggs are about one-millimeter long.. Usually, you will find two or more eggs glued together in the spot. It is also possible to find live bed bugs around the eggs, but the chances of doing so decrease as the infestation increases. Sometimes, you may find bed bug excrement around the eggs. These excrements are dark-brown or rust-colored and resemble ground pepper.

Where can you find bed bug eggs?

You may find these eggs, around the edges of the carpets, in drawers, laundry, baseboards, dressers, desks, and loose areas of wallpapers. On many occasions, you might spot the eggs around the excrement. Bed bug eggs are so sticky, so you may need a stick to detach them from their spots. Bed bug eggs are also sturdy and can resist many household cleaning products.


Can You See Bed Bug Eggs With The Human Eye

Can you see bed bug eggs with the human eye? Yes, you can, but it is challenging to do so. You need a magnifying glass, stick, and flashlight to do the work. You also need to comb possible areas around your home patiently. However, finding and detaching bed bug eggs alone is not enough to deal with the infestation. Contact the pest professionals to help you eliminate bed bugs from your home. They have the expertise and experience to identify the outbreak and find treatment options that can kill all bed bugs.