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December 24, 2016 1 min read

Deer Mouse Droppings

The only place in USA where Deer mice don’t inhabit is the south-eastern states. Deer Mice are mostly found in semi-rural or rural places. The mice are extremely dangerous to human health because they are carriers of Hantavirus. The touching of the droppings, carcasses and urine of this mouse can lead to Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS). The airborne HPS can be inhaled by humans around that environment. Mouse runways, drawers, cupboards and any other place where food can be stored are the common places where their droppings can be found. With a length of 3-6mm and pointed ends, the droppings are not easily distinguishable from the common house mouse droppings that are not carriers of Hantavirus. A possible way of reducing the disease transmitted by this mouse is by the removal of the droppings.

However, the removal of this mouse droppings should be done with total care. An approved face mask with HEPA cartridges and gloves should be used when handling the droppings. Disinfectants should also be used on the carcass, droppings and the surrounding before sweeping. The use of vacuum to clean the droppings is not encouraged because Hantavirus might be released into the air during the process.