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October 15, 2021 3 min read

Do mice bite cats? Mice found in your house would feel very uncomfortable if they sensed the presence of a cat. Cats don’t like mice and would often chase and hunt them down around your home. The purpose of this article is to reveal if mice can bite cats.

Mice are small animals, and they get scared of bigger creatures like cats, dogs, and humans. These fear levels tend to rise higher with cats because Cats are especially good at chasing them down. However, we also know that mice, like other animals, can bite when they feel cornered, threatened, or suffer from some illness. This might make you wonder – do mice bite cats?

The risk involved in using cats to get rid of rodents

For many years, people have been using cats to get rid of rodents such as mice in their houses. This could serve as vermin protection. But, that should not be the sole purpose for owning cats. Cats are excellent domesticated pets, and they require good care and protection.

Having cats chase mice all around your house can put their health in danger and, in turn, endanger your health. This is because mice are carriers of various bacteria, parasites, viruses, and toxins. As long as the same Cat serves as your pet, they can quickly spread diseases picked from the mice to you.

Such exposure comes in different ways. One such way is a cat being bitten by the mouse. Studies show that a single mouse can carry up to 30 various diseases in its saliva, and so having your precious furry friend chase after mice puts them in danger. Even when they are not exposed to those bites, Cats tend to hunt, kill and carry the mouse’s carcass in its mouth. Mice also transmit diseases through their fur, which is also a danger.

Furthermore, Cats can become exposed to the diseases these mice carry by stepping on their droppings alongside other contaminated spaces.

Diseases that Cats can catch by dealing with mice

Mice carry diseases, and they can spread these diseases to humans and animals such as cats. Some of these diseases are:

● Hantavirus
● Intestinal parasites
● Leptospirosis
● Plague
● Toxoplasmosis

Protect your Cat and yourself

Do you have rodents such as mice in your house? If your answer is yes, then protecting your cats and yourself should be vital to you. Usually, some people become aware of the infestation for the first time when they find their cat carrying a dead or dying mouse in its mouth. If this happens, then you must get rid of that dead mouse.

But, ensure to wear a glove and a mask while handling the mouse. This would give you extra protection against hantavirus, which mice are carriers of. Next, you need to give your cat a good scrub with running warm water and soap.

Please do not neglect your cat after its encounter; instead, keep a close eye on it. And if you notice it becoming ill, then contact a veterinarian instantly. Your visit to the veterinarian should become frequent if your cat is a regular catcher of mice or other types of rodents. Your cat might also be examined for parasites and other diseases.

Get rid of mice from your home

As said, there is much danger in using your cats to get rid of mice from your home. Instead, you should consider investing in a rodent repellent as this can effectively deal with the situation. Also, ensure to seal all entry points so that mice won’t find their way into your home. Other preventive methods you can use include; cleaning, vacuuming, and inspecting your home routinely.

Concluding thoughts

Do mice bite cats? Yes, cornered mice can bite cats. Cats are natural predators and are known to hunt down mice and other rodents continually. So in the event of being hunted, a mouse might bite the cat in defense. Mice are known carriers of diseases, which pose a danger for your cats when they are bitten by them or exposed to germs from the body and hairs of the mouse. So, you must protect your cats and home from these diseases by dealing with the infection using better ways to eliminate mice from your home.