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October 18, 2021 3 min read

Do mice bite pets? After finding signs of mice around your home, you might wonder whether it’s a win-win situation since you have pets that can hunt them. This article will share with you what you must know about pets and mice.

The most common pets found in most homes are dogs and cats. And if you have a mice infestation in your house, you might want to ask – do mice bite pets?

Mice are naturally sly, and they like operating in secrets. A confrontation with humans or pets around the house is something mice don’t like.

Pets such as dogs and cats around the house can be very territorial. And once they spot any mouse from a distance, they are likely to chase, hunt, and most times even kill the mouse. Naturally, this seems like a win-win situation. But then there’s a thing about being bitten by a mouse. So, this brings us to the question – do mice bite pets?

The dangers of mice bites

Ordinarily, mice would never bite pets but stay away from their path. However, mice can and will bite if cornered or threatened. Yet, the saliva of a mouse can have up to 30 different diseases that are dangerous to you and your furry friends. Mice bites aren’t even the only way they can get exposed to these diseases. Your pets can become infected by direct contact (from the bite or eating of the mice) and indirect contact (from licking a contaminated surface or item). Some of these diseases include the hantavirus, leptospirosis, and even the bubonic plague. Therefore, you shouldn’t use your pets as a deterrent against mice. Choose other suitable methods that can get rid of mice effectively while protecting you and your little ones.

How to get rid of a mice infestation

1. Use a leash or cage – Once you find signs of infestation, the first step should be to put your furry friend on a leash or cage. This will prevent them from chasing after the mice.

2. Use baits carefully – Seek veterinary advice about using mice baits. You wouldn’t want your pet coming across a bait and mistaking it as a toy or treat.

3. Know the early signs of illness – Usually early signs can be vague ranging from vomiting, appetite loss, fever, a soft cough to diarrhea. If you find any unusual signs, visit the vet.

4. Stay away from poisons completely – Like baits, your pets can pick up the toxins which can be harmful to them.

5. Use a rodent repellent – Fortunately, rodent repellents can repel mice from your home without putting your pets in harm’s way. All you need to do is follow all instructions.

6. Use other preventive strategies around your home – ensure to clean and thoroughly vacuum your home regularly. Ensure your kitchen and other spaces are free of food crumbs. You should also secure all garbage with a tightly fitted lid and keep them far from your home. Also, look for all possible entryways that mice can use and seal them up with caulk or steel wool.

Concluding thoughts

Do mice bite pets? Absolutely, but this would only happen if the mice had been cornered or threatened by the pet. Again, you shouldn’t use your pets as deterrents against mice. This can place them and yourself in harm’s way by exposing them to dangerous bacterial and viral infections. In its place, protect your entire household by using a more suitable combination strategy to eliminate the mice infestation as fast as possible.

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