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September 27, 2019 2 min read

Let’s say you have had an infestation at your home, and probably got it treated, and somehow think the problem is over but for sure, How do I know bedbugs are gone? Numerous homes have been attacked by these offensive bugs, and once you deal with them, things are never quite as they were, in relation with bites, reactions, red marks on your arms, your face or wherever you tend to be affected.

You tend to wonder, did bedbugs really cause all that, am I still have the problem, will they be back? Unfortunately, there are no direct answers to that, although these are steps you can take to make sure, and if the outcome is negative, then there is a chance that bedbugs are gone.

Play the waiting game

Let’s say you have completed two treatments, and at the end of the second, no bedbugs are found, and no one gets bitten. That is an excellent way to determine if the problem is gone. The treatments are conducted for 6 to 8 weeks because bed bugs feed for about 7 to 10 days, and their eggs will hatch every ten days as well.

But what happens when you apply pesticides is that there is a slight change in that schedule, meaning a bedbug is able to sense these lethal chemicals and would typically not come out to feed as frequently as they before.

Bedbugs are quite tricky, which makes them difficult to eradicate, and if not treated properly, they tend to live in your home through the years, but the use of excellent pesticide could limit their stay to about 50 or 60 days, just to make sure no bugs are left behind.

Adopt the use of Interception devices

  • Climb ups; these devices are programmed to go under the legs of beds and subsequently catch bugs as they travel about the bed or Couche. You can install the tools during treatment or after the procedure is completed.

Over a given period of time, it also determines if bedbugs are still present. However, you must remember that no matter what monitor you use, none of them are a hundred per cent guaranteed to ascertain the presence or absence of bugs.

  • Night watch unit;you can set this up in a room where bed bugs are densely populated, based on the fact that it was encoded to observe and catch bugs. This apparatus releases carbon dioxide and heat, which attracts pests, and it is interesting to note that you can easily purchase one of these from the manufacturer or at a shopping mall.
  • Dry ice store;Put dry ice in a cooler and place it on top of a dog bowl. What happens is that the bugs walk on the side of the bowl and tend to trip in and get trapped in the dog bowl.

Techniques to answer the question of how do I know bedbugs are gone for good are not so easy but if you could try all that is shown above, you are bound to be more certain than before.

Thanks for reading.