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August 18, 2021 3 min read

Bed bugs – one of those unwanted nocturnal visitors we hate having around. Waking up one particular morning and noticing itchy red welts on your body can be quite scary. If your deepest fears are confirmed and you find out you have a case of bed bugs infestation in your hands, it can be a long road towards eradicating and getting rid of these unwanted pests, whose stock in trade are only to disrupt your peaceful night rest. While you take the necessary steps to get those pests off your property, you may do well to know how long do bed bug bites last.

The duration of these bites varies from person to person. For some, it can last only for some few days before they’re gone. For others, it can take several weeks. It all depends on the individual’s sensitivity to these insects’ bites. Some people can be fortunate, and they don’t get to notice at all they’ve been bitten by bed bugs.

While skin sensitivity is one factor, another major factor to consider is the different home remedies one can adopt to treat these bites.

Home Remedies For Bed Bug Bites

The first step

Washing the affected areas with soap and warm water. This goes to relieve the uncomfortable itchiness that accompanies such bites. In extreme cases of swelling, an ice pack can be pressed directly to the spot for some minutes. It helps with the pain and swelling.

Using Calamine Lotion

Calamine Lotions are usually handy for treating cases of itching and skin irritation caused by insect bites and stings. In this case, it can be quite useful relieving the pain and itchiness bed bug bites brings. Apply the lotion with a cotton bud and allow the medication to dry up on the skin. The soothing relieve that follows is something to kill for.

Aloe Vera

The vitamin and mineral content of this plant makes an excellent choice for calming that pain, itching, and swelling. You can apply the fresh aloe Vera or its gel whichever one is available at that point in time or whichever variant works well for you. Any can do the trick. It will go a long way to reduce that burning sensation you may be feeling.


Toothpaste, especially those that come menthol, is an excellent treatment option for bed bug bites. Apply a generous amount of toothpaste to the affected area. The drying action and formation of a powdery cake by the toothpaste at the affected area will contribute to reducing itching sensations.


Honey is naturally antibiotic and can be a soothing reliever when applied to the bite area. Its anti-inflammatory property will prevent swelling and stop the annoying itches.

Prevent Bed Bug Bites

It is good you do all that’s within your power to prevent bed bugs from gaining entrance to your home than looking for solutions when infestations become a problem. Then, the objective should not be finding out how long do bed bug bites last but finding ways to avoid their bites.

The very first step to preventing bed bugs infestation is by keeping a clean home always. While infestation is rarely due to a lack of hygiene as most of us are wont to presume, keeping that house tidy will go a long way in preventing bed bugs from gaining a foothold to our apartments. Therefore, vacuum-clean your homes from time to time, focusing on your rugs and carpets.

Again, ensure your luggage are properly sterilized and properly cleaned when you’re back from trips, mainly if you stayed at a hotel. There are statistics to suggest that hotel rooms are primary infested areas. So, take extreme precautions to make sure you are not bringing back bed bugs from hotel rooms to your home.

Second-hand clothing, furniture, and appliances are also a ready source of bed bugs. Have seasoned professionals especially bed bug exterminators inspect these recently purchased properties properly before they are brought back inside the house.

Kill Bed Bugs

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On a final note

While knowing how long do bed bugs bite last is good knowledge and can be handy when seeking a home-made remedy, it is imperative to always seek the professional advice of good dermatologists. A professional treatment option will prevent these bites from turning to an unforeseen skin problem, for those with highly sensitive skins. And if you can’t deal with a bed bug infestation on your own, please seek help from pest control agencies. They have the ready tools at their disposal to help you with your main problem – preventing a re-infestation.

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