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March 16, 2018 2 min read

Mosquito repelling plant

Mosquitoes being very harmful and dangerous make it necessary for them to be kept away from the house. Certain plants can be used to keep mosquitoes away from the house making it safer for habitation.


Lavender is a type of plant that is best grown in a pot containing soil of high nutrient in the presence of sufficient sun light. It is a perennial plant and can serve as a form of beautification to the environment. The flower and leaves of this plant possesses certain materials (lavender oil) that are harmful to mosquitoes and other insects. Place pots of this flower strategically around your home to keep away mosquitoes or simply extract the oil from the leaves and flower and spray round your home.


Although the exact component in the garlic that does the work of repelling plants is not known however the offensive smell of this plant has a way of repelling plants and keeping them away from where they are not wanted. To use garlic as a repellent, grind a few cloves and extract the content. Transfer the content in a spray bottle and spray all over your home and surrounding and anywhere else needed.


Basil is an herb best grown in a pot within the garden. In order to make use of this plant as a repellent crush a large number of the leaves and extract the liquid and apply wherever needed. It can also be applied on the hands and body so as to prevent mosquito bite. For better effect you can add some other plants extract such as garlic and rosemary for a more effective outcome.

Citronella Grass

Since the citronella plant cannot tolerate cold it is best cultivated after winter period. The extract from the plant is commonly as an ingredient most mosquitoes spray repellent. It can be planted in a pot and keep outside the house so as to keep mosquitoes from invading your home. The extract of citronella can be used in various ways; it can be injected into a candle for the scent to be given off when lite up or it can be put in a spray bottle and sprayed around the surrounding.

Red cedar mulch

Red cedar mulch also has the ability to ward off mosquitoes just like some other repelling plant it can as well add beauty to the environment when grown. For better effect, boil a reasonable amount of this plant in water and transfer the liquid product into a sprayer and apply the content all over your garden and any other place necessary. The components of the red cedar mulch are able to ward off mosquitoes and keep you home free.


The pungent smell of marigold is detested by mosquitoes and humans as well. Certain insect repellant contain pyrethrum, a compound gotten from marigold hence the presence of this compound in the plant makes it very offensive to mosquitoes and some other insects. Aside the ability to repel mosquitoes, marigold can help keep off preys of young tomatoes when kept near them.



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