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September 15, 2017 2 min read

Motion Activated Cat Repellent

Motion Activated Cat RepellentIf you want your garden or your patio to be free from cats, then a motion activated cat repellent is what you would need. There are tons of options you can choose from and the motion activated water sprinkler is considered to be a great choice. It is a known fact that cats are scared of water and they even consider it as one of their greatest enemies. This choice does not even bring harm to the environment and is effective in scaring cats and preventing them from entering your home.

If you have purchased a good one, then it would be capable of detecting motion even when the cat is still a few feet away and once they have been detected, it would then release water that can definitely frighten them. In addition to that, when you have this as your motion activated cat repellent, cats are not the only animals you can get rid of for it can help you get rid of other animals as well. Apart from that, it is also possible for you to purchase an automatic spray deterrent that is also activated once it has detected motion.

Such product can be used not only outside of your home but inside as well. In fact, some comes in handy and would not even consume a lot of space in your home. There are ones that you can even place on your countertops and beside your plants. There are even ones that does not even produce smell but still works effectively in keeping cats away with it simply blurting air. On the other hand, there are also motion activated cat repellent spray that releases unpleasant smell for cats but not for humans while there are also ones that only produces sounds that scares them away.

You would be able to enjoy great benefits from a motion activated cat repellent, especially if the cat that you have has behavioral problems and you wanted them to know that there are certain areas in your home that they are not allowed to enter. You can even use it to teach your cats not to scratch your furniture and not to jump on your counter tops anymore. Also, if in case your cat has the tendency of eating the leaves of your indoor plant, then you can set such behavior of them straight without exerting a lot of effort for it.

On the other hand, a motion activated cat repellent is not the only choice you have. In fact, you can also use a granular and other Cat MACE cat repellent products that are being sold in the market. They are also a budget friendly option as they do not require you to have something installed and you can just simply use it as it is. You would not even have a hard time applying it in your home or even in your office as well. It is a sure solution to your cat problem.