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November 08, 2017 3 min read

Repel Feral Cat from Flower Bed

Repel Feral Cat from Flower BedFeral cats are cats born to stray cats; they have no owner and can survive without one. Stray cats on the hands are cats that strayed away from their home or lost their owner and have returned to their default way of survival. Stray cats are more manageable because they were once pet cats and had been trained. Dealing with feral cats on flower beds can be frustrating but applying the right technique can keep them away.

Making the surface of your flower bed a bit prickly will discourage feral cats from walking on it. These cats love soft soil and anything other than that isn’t attractive to them. You can also spray the remains of onions and potatoes at strategic places on your flower bed as they are natural deterrent to cats.

Another effective way of keeping feral cats far away from your garden is through the use of repellent made up of the waste product of cat predators. A combination of two or more of this type of repellent will work great magic to your uttermost surprise. Spray the combination on or around your flower bed any trespassing cat on perceiving the awful smell from the repellent will be left with no other choice than to leave.

Scarecrows scare cats away. Find out about any material that cats are naturally scared of and tie them to a stake around your flower bed by so doing the cat will move away once it sights this object. You could also consider erecting a fence with strings to protect your flower bed. Because cats can jump a certain height it is important to raise the fence above their average jump height. This will completely keep them off your garden and your veggies stay intact. However, the only challenge associated with this method is the cost of raising and maintaining the fence. It is important to have strings in between the fence to prevent the cat from passing through.

Cats mark territory with their urine. A cat is most likely going to return to the same spot or area it has previously been to as long as it has been marked. To prevent this from happening, wash thoroughly the marked areas and spray with strong scented repellent or air freshener in the affected area. If the cat is unable to locate its marked area the tendency to return will be greatly reduced. A citrus tree can be planted around or within the garden or better still the fruit littered at strategic points on and around the bed. Cats are repelled by this plant both by sight and by smell.

However the best and most effecting way of repelling feral cats from the flower is through the use of Nature’s MACE repellent. This repellent is made of natural ingredients such as blood meal, rotten egg and lots more. The essence of this is to give the intruding cat the impression that a carcass of its dead brother is lying somewhere close. Having such in mind the cats becomes cautious of danger and dashes off to a place it considers safe. The repellent should be applied on regular interval for long lasting effects. There are other types of repellents and technique one can put to use in order to ensure the safety of the cultivated crops.