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May 01, 2014 2 min read

One of the most effective snake repellent products on the market is made by Nature’s Mace and contains Mint Oil, SLS, Thyme Oil, Putrescent Egg Solid and Garlic. This product relies on the interference with the snake’s Jacobson’s organ. This method has been studied, tested and proven to be effective in the repellent of snakes. University studies have concluded this formula repels a wide number of snake species including rattlesnakes.

Snakes, both venomous and non-venomous, will often take up residence in crawl spaces, basements, flower beds and any place dark and out of the way. Most homeowners are not equipped to properly deal with a serpent invasion and may want to seek out professional help when snake removal is required.Besides being slightly strong smelling, these products have been proven to reliably repel snakes that are attracted to decaying flesh. Copperheads, cottonmouths, rattlesnakes, non-venomous rat and water snakes are controlled by this method.

Some snakes, notable among them the coach whips, racers, and whip snakes, almost never use Jacobson’s organs to hunt for food. They rely instead on eye sight that offers excellent visual acuity. Snakes scan the terrain in all directions for prey including insects, lizards, and rodents.

Some snakes will prey on birds and their eggs, and on tree dwelling rodents. These snakes, including but not limited to rat snakes, often travel considerable distances, traveling from tree to tree, never touching the ground. Repellents can be applied to trees but such treatments are not practicable. Ironically, most snakes spend at least part of their lives underground, and some live most of their lives underground. Some venomous snakes prefer to hunt underground rather than above, when given a choice.

Several times a year, reports of snakes found in residential homes, often in bathrooms are noted. Such snakes easily enter these homes via the sewer system, usually but not always via a commode. Sewers, being similar in many respects to the natural subterranean hibernation snakes have used as shelter for millennia, provide excellent habitat for most serpents. Plain water, in the P-trap of a sink or commode, is not an effective barrier to such snakes, especially when they are chasing prey. It is surprising, then, that reports of snakes being found in bathrooms are not more numerous. This has led many to believe that finding an effective remedy that utterly prevents snake incursions from household sewers presents challenges that are practically insurmountable.

In conclusion, the general efficacy of a particular snake repellent depends on the active ingredient. Do your research. Highly effective snake repellent can limit and even prevent snakes in heavily forested yards and gardens with the help of homeowners. Seal up area where snakes can hide. Close up crawl spaces under homes, barns and sheds. Keep grass soot to a manageable level. Rest assure, this will be the most effective method of controlling snake infestation.