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December 28, 2016 3 min read

Top Ten Most Common Problems Caused by Stray Cats!

1) Aggression towards humans – stray cats don’t have a home due to the fact that they escaped from their real home or abandoned. On the contrary, cats which are feral are those which were born by stray cats and have never had homes and also lived with humans. If kittens don’t come in contact with humans even when they get to be 12 weeks old, then its not possible for them to recognize the company of humans which leads to the fear that prevents them from getting caught and finding a home. Similar to dogs, cats also require socialization and during that process they may be come in contact with everything humans would not want it to be afraid of. It is also important to let them interact with more humans and in this process it aids them in staying away from hostile situations which is caused because of the fear of humans at a later stage.

Whenever you try to catch a stray cat, you must be very careful since they possibly have diseases which may be passed to your body when they try to scratch or bite you because of fear.

2) Diseases – stray cats regularly travel in small settlements, which let them pass or catch diseases with ease. Most cats are never vaccinated and because of this, diseases like feline leukemia, rabies and feline HIV are easily caught by cats. Of all these diseases, rabies produces the highest menace and threat to the lives of humans because it can make cats to be aggressive and pass the disease to humans. But there are other diseases that may also lead to death through cat colonies. Another disease which is passed across from cats to humans with ease is Parvovirus. This disease leads to a lot of respiratory illnesses that may result to different symptoms like eye and nasal discharge, coughing, vomiting, and diarrhea. Ticks and fleas which also bring about different types of diseases like a variety of worms can also be caught by cat colonies which some can be transferred to other humans or animals.

3) Continuous breeding – The breeding capacity of a stray cat is a continuous problem caused by them. One breeding duo can reproduce 2 times a year and within 7 years time, they are capable of having almost 420,000 litters. Although all these cats do not live, their colonies may continue expanding. Since food and various recourses become hard to get, majority of these cats die painfully from starvation or diseases. Due to the fact that majority of them where raised under the supervision of humans, they do not have the needed skill to hunt when necessary to hunt and stay alive in the feral.

4) Regular and loud noise from fighting and mating behavior – cats fighting and mating are a very major complaint in some locations.

5) Strong foul odors from male cats which aren’t neutered spraying to mark their territory – their urine spray is very powerful.

6) Flea infestations that can be transferred to other pets – having pets is one reason you don’t want feral cats on your property

7) Noticeable suffering from kittens which are dying or injured adults – this is a sign found on various stray cats in this country.

8) Stray cats living in an attic of a building – stray cats like to live in attics which are not different from opossums and raccoons.

9) Stray cats living under porches, sheds, dumpsters, or other structures – there are frequent calls to properties to remove and trap cats living underneath structures.

10) Litters of baby stray cat kittens found – many people call for help to catch them and take them to an animal shelter