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December 28, 2016 3 min read

Deer Species

It may be surprising to note that there are more than 100 different sub species of dear worldwide. They are situated everywhere asides from Antarctica because of the excessive cold.

White-Tailed Deer –Just like the name suggests, this is a dear that has a patch of white around part of its tail.

Red Deer –This deer has a beautiful coat that is a shade of red. They frequently have a colour which seems darker and may seem like brown in most areas.

Caribou or Reindeer –The reindeer seem to be appealing to people of various ages because of the relationship they have with the holiday season.

Moose –This is the largest of the various species of deer. The males can reach a weight of about 1800 pounds.

Water Deer –This deer has a tusk instead of antler. Regardless, they have been proven to be a type of dear genetically.

Common Muntjac –This is also known as the Indian Muntjac Deer. Although different people assume that they are different species, they are the same.

Axis Deer or Chital Deer –The Axis Deer is also recognized as the Chital Deer. The fact that the white sots their young have do not vanish is one of their most unique trait.

Elk –The Elk is a massive deer species and that has a stature which is unique. The males have a proud design to which makes them stand out.

Sika Deer –Depending on the region it lives, this deer could be medium or small in size. They have very small heads and legs.

Eld’s Deer –This deer is average sized. A male which is full grown can around 330 pounds and their antlers can spread by 39 inches.

Sambar Deer –The sambar deer is often mistaken for the Elk because of its body which is long and heavy alongside thin, long legs. Their antlers which are very longs can develop some points on them.

Visayan Spotted Deer –This is a species of deer which is small and beautiful. They are frequently the same size as family dogs.

Fallow Deer –This is a deer which is considered medium sized. They have a coat which is light brown alongside white spots. This is one of the species of deer that still have their spots after a few months of being born.

Key Deer –This is a smaller subspecies of the white dear. The male can weigh about 50 to 70 pounds.

Mule Deer –This is known as one of the larger species of dear. They are also known to have ears which are larger than others in comparison to body size.

Pampas Deer –This deer can blend perfectly into its surroundings because of the light tan coloring it has. They also have some patches of white along the throat and around the lips.

Pudu –Asides from the fact that this species of deer look very cute, they are one of the smallest species in the globe. Their size is one of the reasons why people are interested in them.

Roe Deer –Because of their small size, the full grown adults are often mistaken for the younger generation, the size of the fully grown adults may be from 30 to 60 pounds in size.

Extinct Deer Species –Some of the species of deer identified are already extinct. Most of them have been for millions of years. They were unable to adapt to the changing environment o keep living for various reasons.