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January 25, 2023 3 min read

If you’ve found any strange bumps or bite marks on your skin, you may ask, – what bites at night beside bed bugs?” Off-course, bed bugs aren’t the only insects that can bite at night. There are many more, like mosquitoes, fleas, mites, ticks, spiders, and lice. The bite marks from these insects may be similar, but there are some differences. Read on to discover what bites at night beside bed bugs. Click for product information and reviews…


Fleas usually bite the lower parts of the body, especially the softer regions, such as the space behind elbows or knees. Fleas also prefer biting around the ankles, feet, and armpits. If you have a pet, then you might equally find signs of fleas on them.


Chiggers are tiny insects that can lead to intensely itchy bites. Like bed bugs, chiggers love feeding on people. But the difference is that they would attach themselves to the skin and remain in place for some days before falling off. Still, chigger bites will mostly happen during summer, spring, or fall, especially when sleeping outdoors or camping.


Scabies is a type of mite that leads to a rash. This rash often gets worse and intensely itchy at night. That said, scabies often spread from sharing bedding and clothing, especially when you live in a dormitory.


Mosquitoes also bite at night when they feed on blood. If you feel a pricking pain at night alongside a humming sound, you may be likely dealing with mosquitoes. That said, most types of mosquitoes will mostly bite at night and dusk even. Hence, mosquitoes carry diseases such as the West Nile virus, malaria, and dengue fever. Mosquito bites would generally look like itchy welts. These bites are similar to bed bug bites. But unlike bed bug bites, mosquito bites will appear random and bigger.


Spider bites are rare, but not impossible. Spiders usually bite when threatened. These could happen if the spider gets trapped in your clothes or you roll onto them. These bites can be venomous. But the venom may not be potent enough to cause issues. However, if spiders bite you, you may have physical symptoms like swelling, itchiness, rash, red welts, and blistering. Unlike bed bug bites, which would be clustered, spider bites may be isolated.

What bites at night beside bed bugs

Now you know what bites are beside bed bugs at night, you must realize that bite marks aren’t a clear indicator of bed bugs. Hence, you must seek out other signs of bed bugs in your home. Once you’ve confirmed it, swing into action by putting together your bed bug treatment action plan. Whether you choose to do DIY or professional treatment, Nature’s Mace bed bug killer is a must-have. Made from organically-sourced substances, Nature’s Mace bed bug killer will never put you, your pets, or the entire family in harm’s way. Nature’s Mace bed bug killer does not also stain, providing the right chemical treatment for all kinds of furniture. Get Nature’s Mace bed bug killer today and put an end to your bed bug problems. Click for more information and product reviews…

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