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August 31, 2021 2 min read

One major challenge you have to deal with when faced with a bed bug infestation is knowing how they operate. To be able to identify this, one question you should ask is this, “When do bed bugs come out the most?”

How often these reddish-brown insects come out has been a debacle among some families. On the one hand, some get bitten by bed bugs with symptoms on their skins. On the other hand, some also get bitten, but whose skin does not show any signs of bed bug bites.

It might be hard to convince the latter to set that bed bugs exist in a house/home/environment. May even be harder to convince them to take measures to exterminate pests that they do not think exists. One way to win them over is to show them the bed bugs.

However, bed bugs, with their flat bodies, spend most of their time in hiding. Furthermore, their body shape enables them to hide easily in places like floor cracks and bedding. This means they’re not readily available to be seen. The only way to find them is when they come out. So, when do bed bugs come out the most?

When They Come Out to Feed

Bed bugs feed exclusively on blood. Unlike insects like fleas, they do not feed on anything else. Although a female bed bug can go up to two months without feeding, they need food – usually called a blood meal – to sustain their existence and maintain their life cycle.

As such, bed bugs will come out when they want to feed. From eggs to when they become adults, bed bugs require food in different quantities. For instance, an adult bed bug has been found out to feed only once a week. Because of this feeding pattern, you may not see them come out often.

On the other hand, nymphs (from the first stage to the fifth stage larvae) require a blood meal every day. This enables them to move on to the next step of their existence and also molt – that is shed skin. Bed bugs come out the most when they want to feed.

At Night? When do Bed Bugs feed?

Bed bugs are nocturnal insects. What this means is that they are more active at night. This is one of the main reasons why you wake up with an itchy skin if you are currently facing a bed bug infestation.

Most people only realize the severity of a bed bug infestation when they wake up to red bumps on their skin. Usually itchy, it can also serve as a source of skin irritation for most people. Most bed bugs are usually more active at night majorly because they want to feed. And this is the best time to identify them and prove that there is a bed bug infestation to be taken care of.

When Do Bed Bugs Come Out the Most?

This is a question that is useful in eliminating bed bugs. Regardless of the answers, you should know that you can eliminate bed bugs anytime you want. All you need is the help of a professional.

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