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November 22, 2015 2 min read

Rabbits are such a commonplace problem to gardeners everywhere that there are hundreds of repellents, traps, and tactics available for purchase to assist homeowners in ridding one’s property of these cute but incredibly destructive and quickly multiplying little creatures. Many online retailers such as Amazon, or even online versions of brick and mortars, like the website versions of Home Depot and Walmart, are where to buy rabbit repellent if you want to be able to look at a large variety of available options, read and consider the consumer reviews, and order from the comfort of your own home.

Where to buy rabbit repellent also depends on what you are looking for in a product. For example, many gardeners prefer a humane, nontoxic, and environmentally friendly repellent spray. While these may be less effective than other repellent measures, many consumers are willing to sacrifice a little bit when it comes to effectiveness, in order to have a repellent that will be safe to use around their pets, their children, and even in their fruit and vegetable gardens. These repellents are usually made out of nontoxic ingredients, including garlic oil, clove oil, cinnamon oil, and other essential oils that repel rabbits with their strong odors. Another common ingredients in these types of repellents is putrefied egg solid. The egg solid emits an odor that, to the rabbit, smells meaty. As with an vegetarian animal, rabbits will avoid browsing, eating, or burring near anything that has that meaty smell. Some theorize that it alerts them that a predator has been in the vicinity, but a more common reason is that they just don’t want to eat meat. For whatever reason, it seems to work on rabbits, as well as deer and elk, and any other vegetarian garden nuisance animals.

A hunting store—either online or brick and mortar—is where to buy rabbit repellent for homeowners wanting to try other methods, like urine extract. Pellets or other repellents made out of predator urine is one way that reportedly deters rabbits and other preyed-upon animals by alerting them that a predator has marked the area. The urine products are typically made out of coyote or wolf urine, and can be purchased in hunting and game stores, or online retailers. These stores will usually also sell traps, live or dead, if that tactic is one step you wish to use. The urine products can leave a strong odor, and are usually best used on the perimeter of a property.

Another scare tactic that can be bought at a gardening store is dried blood , or blood meal. Blood meal is a natural byproduct of the butchering process, and it deters prey animals in the same way that the urine products do, by fooling them into thinking a predator is nearby. An added benefit to blood meal is that is serves a double benefit as a fertilizer. In fact the fertilizer section of a gardening store is often where to buy this type of rabbit repellent.