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Dog MACE Granular

Treats 1,400 Sq.Ft
+ Key Benefits

🐾 Discourages Dogs from Digging and Rummaging.

✅ Helps to Train Dogs and Correct Bad Habits. Works on Stray and Domestic Dogs.

🌱 Works to Protect Precise Areas from Dog Damage. Bio-Degradable, Natural, and Easy to Use.

🌎 A Humane Solution with No Harsh Chemicals. Safe to Use Around Children, Pets, and Plants *when used as directed.

☀️ Weather-Resistant Formula with Lasting Effectiveness. Works in All-Seasons!

+ Where to Use

This granular deterrent was designed to stop dogs from digging, defecating, and rummaging in flowerbeds, rock beds, mulch, flower pots, lawns, landscapes, gardens, shrubs, bushes, trees, patios, fences, foundations, trash areas, and other treated areas. It is best used to protect precise areas from dog damage.

Product Details

Dog MACE granular dog repellent works by training and repelling stray and domestic dogs. This anti-dig dog deterrent creates a protective barrier in and around applied areas. It incorporates a unique scent that is tolerable to humans but naturally irritating to dogs. It uses powerful bittering agents to discourage chewing, digging, and rummaging. This helps prevent dogs from uprooting plants, digging in flowerbeds, and ruining landscapes.

With regular application, you’ll teach dogs to stay clear of the protected areas. Dogs are territorial and each has its own unique characteristics. Some breeds also dig more than others. Dog MACE is a humane but aggressive natural dog repellent. It contains an effective blend of biobased dog-deterring ingredients. Dogs are known for marking their territory with urine which can kill plants and lead to unsightly brown spots in your yard. With Dog MACE you can potentially avoid a battle with your neighbors and a lasting headache. There is no need to set up traps, build fences, or get the humane society involved. Regain control and put an end to your dog issue! Our dog repellent is easy to use, safe for dogs, and guaranteed to work! Anyone can use it, so Try It Today Risk-Free with our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Nature’s MACE products are manufactured with earth-friendly ingredients. They are safe to use around family, pets, plants, and the environment (when used as directed). Our rain-resistant granular dog repellent provides long-lasting and all-season protection from dogs.


To begin, apply heavily and evenly, in and around areas to protect. Apply by spreading granules over the area to be protected in a 2-foot-wide strip. Apply early when you first notice dog activity. Re-apply as needed or until dogs are trained to stay clear of protected areas. For larger areas, where dog visits are more frequent, increase the barrier to 30 inches wide. Applications and results can vary depending on how ingrained dogs' habits are and how often they visit an area. Re-apply every 3 to 4 weeks to maintain control. This will eventually train dogs to avoid and stay clear of treated areas. Re-apply after extensive rainfall.

For Plants and Flowerbeds: Dog MACE can be applied directly to outdoor plants. Replace the dirt as sitting urine will likely attract dogs. You can also dilute the urine by watering the plant for longer than usual (ensure adequate drainage). Thoroughly clean the pots and their surrounding areas. Also, consider laying down chicken wire or fencing over the soil to prevent dogs from digging up plants.

Customer Reviews

Based on 376 reviews
Carol Feeney
Works great!

It is keeping the dogs away from my tomato plants!

William Sutherland
Wild bill

My dog rolled in this stuff and then tasted it. My other dog walked through it like it was sand. Another scam

Hi William,
Thanks for your review! It is actually normal for the dogs to roll in and lick the Dog MACE when it is first applied. They are trying to figure out why it smells so bad, similar to how dogs will roll on dead animals. We recommend continuing to apply the MACE heavily for 10 days in order to build up enough repellant and see positive results.
Thanks for trying out products! We appreciate you.


Dog MACE Granular

Amy Bolanos
Great Product

I was skeptical of it but it really did the job. We have 4 big dogs on my our neighborhood and our neighbors let them run around without leashes. They poop on everyone's front lawn and the dogs. Funny thing, They haven't been near our lawn the last 3 weeks. I am buying 3 more bags for the rest of my lawn. 😀

Hey Amy,
So glad the Dog MACE is helping to keep your yard poop free!
Thanks for using our product!

Juan Lorenzo
It works

Keep the dogs walking on my sidewalk

William STRANG

I love this ! Keeps dogs out my yard ! I don't care about dogs ! I live with a wacko that doesn't like animals

John Delgatto
5 star

would recommend

Nakia W.
Fantastic! It really works

This product is golden. It has slowed down my dog’s digging habits. He’s not doing it as aggressive as before. He likes to lay on our new lawn and being more respectful to it

Thanks so much for your great review. I am glad both you and your dog can enjoy the lawn now with less digging! Thank you for being a customer.