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Can Bed Bugs Fly?

Some quick facts and myths about bed bugs.

While being able to stick fast to clothes, luggage and upholstery, bed bugs do not have flying capability. Here are some myths and facts you probably never knew of bed bugs.

Recently, there have been frequent reports of bed bug infestation in many places. Some of those concerned about this have taken to the internet to find answers to questions.

Here are just a few of the more frequently asked questions:

Q&A – Do bed bugs have wings – can they fly?It is sometimes logical to think bed bugs as having wings because they can come out of nowhere. Little wonder some people believe bed bugs can fly. Well, bed bugs do not fly

Q&A – How do bed bugs move around the country?These wingless insects crawl with their 6 legs. They rapid movement is often attributed to the activities of humans. They move by attaching themselves to clothing and luggage.

Q&A – How did they get their name?They feed mostly on human blood, preferring to feed at nights while we sleep.

Q&A – How do bed bugs they know that their host is asleep?They do this by taking cognizance of body heat and other signatures such as the temperature of their host’s exhaled breath.

Q&A – What do they do during the day?After feeding to their fill, they will retreat to their hiding spots, only to show up weeks later to refill. This habit of theirs makes it difficult to detect their presence.

Q&A – Where do bed bugs prefer to hide?They are mostly found in crevices. Due to their small size, as much as 8 to 10 bugs can occupy a nail hole in furniture.

Q&A – How do I know when my home has been taken over by bed bugs?If you suspect bed bug infestation, first check your clothes, luggage and upholstery. Next call Nature’s MACE at 800-760-0544 and talk to a professional sales technician.