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stray dogs - Facts Identification and Control

A dog that has gone astray has no particular weight, color and height. Domestic dogs which are of different size and shapes are in no way different from stray dog. Ownership is basically that differentiates them. They both have the same set of canines and four set of legs. Dogs are known to have snouts which can either be long, short or brachycephalic. Their eyes can either be bulging or beady. They have ears which can either be hairy and long or tall and upright. Their body is mostly short, but can be long, spindly or compact. A dog’s tail can either be curly, bushy or just absent, but this will depend on the dog’s specie. Stray dogs are mostly identified by the outward condition of their body. A dog that has gone astray will most likely have an emaciated body, protruding body structure, inflated abdomen and a pot belly indicative of parasite overload. The hair coat of such a dog will be dirty and unkempt. If the dog has a long hair, it will be tangled up in mats. Some breeds of dogs when they go astray end up suffering from nasal discharge. Their nails end up growing hideously long. Stray dogs generally show signs of neglect.

Stray dogs live where people live. They sometimes join coyote pack, but this is only on rare occasions. Wolves barely tolerate the presence of dogs, and will very likely kill a stray dog that gets into its territory. Stray dogs see humans as enemies. This is because they mostly love on the outskirts of humanity. When they find their way to a city, they will find a safe spot to live. Just like other animals, stray dogs like it when things get safe, dry and quite. This inherent instinct of theirs makes them take up homes in porches and the bottom sides of a deck. You will find stray dogs inside sewers and drain pipes. Their nomadic nature makes it difficult for them to live in a particular location for so long.

Canine camaraderie is very common among stray dogs. They tend to form packs especially in areas where their population is dense. When they form packs, stray dogs just like wolves will appoint a leader who’s responsibility is to direct the pack, dictating their direction of movement. Unlike Wolves, stray dogs do not really care who assumes the alpha role position –male or female. Either a male or a female can take on the leadership position, and can only be ousted by a strong challenger.

Considering the fact that most of the stray dogs once had a home, they are most times sterilized. When they breed, they do so every four months, and can breed at any time of the year. A litter can contain as much as 14 puppies, but the size does depend on the dog’s species.

Most people erroneously believe that dogs are carnivorous, and will eat only protein laden diet. In actual truth, dogs eat whatever humans eat, and vegetables are no exception. What really matters is how the meal they eat smells. A bowl filled with fresh piece of broccoli will definitely not attract them as one filled with sugared fruit would. When faced with severe hunger, a stray dog will eat plastic materials with the scent of food on it.

Stray dogs are considered as threat to humans and even household pets. They are one of the most common carriers of rabies as they are more likely to feed on rabies infected animal when in the wild. Humans do scare stray dogs. They respond to this fear by attacking whoever they feel is a threat to their existence. Household pets suffer it the most when they encounter stray dogs, and a pack of stray dogs can hunt household pets right within the enclosure of a yard. The garbage which stray dog leave on street after searching for food is a nuisance most homeowners worry about.

Rabies is a very big threat stray dog pose. A dog that has been affected by rabies displays two major neurological symptoms: unsteady movement of the eye and staggered gait. Sometimes, saliva flow out of their mouth in excess amount. Dogs that have gone astray are very likely to contract brucella, capnocytophaga and pasteurella. It is important to keep kids away from the stools of stray dogs because it contains some deadly parasites.

On this site, you will find relevant information which will guide you in making informed decision when dealing with stray dogs. Also, you will find lots of articles on this site that will give you strategies of dealing with stray dogs.

Why Dogs Mark Their Territory?

A dog will never defecate or urinate on a spot out of jealousy. If you wake one day to that your dog has urinated on your baby’s diaper, he certainly did not do it out of jealousy or hate. He did this because your baby’s cry threatens him, prompting him to do something about it as he wouldn’t want to lose his territory to your baby.

Should your pet urinate on your girlfriend’s bag, he certainly did not do this because he dislikes women. He simply saw the bag as an intruder and so decided to warn off the perceived intruder by marking his territory with urine.

Dogs have many unique behaviors, some good and some bad. One of the most frustrating behaviors dogs are known for is digging. One reason dogs dig is stress relief. Whether they’re anxious about being separated from their humans, or they’re bored, digging helps with their struggles! Dogs dig for entertainment and to seek human attention.

Another reason is they’re looking to make their great escape! Dogs are talented at being escape artists especially when there is something blocking something they want! Genetics will also play a role with some dog breeds, being particularly known for digging. They dig to make a spot for their dens out of instinct, or if they sense a small pest in the yard like gophers, insects, or moles.

Sometimes they dig to mark their territory and sometimes it’s to hide their favorite toy or bone. Regardless of the reason if digging is an issue never leave a dog unsupervised and provide alternate options in place of digging! Have outdoor toys dogs are encouraged to play with, create an area designated for digging, and use a natural anti-dig dog repellent to stop them. SHOP HERE

A dog soils your home when he empties his bowels of urine. He may do this for varied reasons some of which include:

  • He hasn’t be housebroken yet
  • He is suffering a medical condition
  • Something scared him, causing him to lose control of his bowels.

Dogs turn to urine-marking when they want to establish their territory. He isn’t comfortable seeing intruders play around his territory, and would do everything possible to keep trespassers off. He creates his territory by passing his urine on territories he feels belongs to him –walls, furniture, kitchen cabinet are good examples.

He uses a very little amount of urine when marking his territory, and most do this on vertical surfaces.

  • He hasn’t been neutered or sprayed. Dogs that are yet to be neutered tend to be assertive, and are more like to engage in urine-marking.
  • A new pet threatens his authority
  • The new pet you brought hasn’t been neutered yet. There have been instances when neutered animals still mark off their territory using their urine.
  • Your dog has fallen out of favor with other animals within your home. Dogs are most likely to mark their territory when tension has developed in their pack.
  • When someone new comes into your home (a baby, roommate, spouse), your dog might feel threatened, and would like to prove to the fellow that he is still in charge.
  • When you bring in new objects (a visitor’s purse, a shopping bag) with scents similar to an animal, your dog might feel threatened, and would send a warning signal to the perceived intruder.
  • Your feels sees other animals outside your home as threats. To reaffirm his claim on his territory, he might resort to urine-marking.

Repelling Unwanted Dogs

There may be reasons that a dog visits your property on a regular basis. While it may be impossible to get rid of some things- maybe they like to mark your beloved trees- it is possible to remove some of the items that dog might be curious about:

Keep your own yard free of dog or cat waste, it is one of the things a loose dog will smell from a distance.

Garbage that has food scraps in it should be kept tightly sealed and if possible, in a garage or shed.

Any food- human or animal- should not be left outdoors.

Fresh water should be removed if possible- i.e. a birdbath.

Keep gates closed if you have a fenced yard, and block off any entrance ways where possible.

It may necessary to get rid of the scent from the previous marking using an enzymatic cleaner. Using another scent to cover the odor of the marking is hardly effective. The enzymatic cleaner is used to neutralize and digest the odor from the previous urine marking to avoid continuity of the behavior. Apply Dog MACE after enzymatic cleaner is used to effectively train dogs to avoid treated areas.

Try to figure out when the dogs are on your property and who they belong to. Look for dog poop.

Brown spots on lawn caused by dog urine

Some dogs, like terriers, are hunters and will kill rats, possums, rabbits, and the like

Holes that dogs have dug around trees or in beds.

Your own pets may alert you to a stray dog, and a stray dog may be attracted to your yard because of your pets.

Once you have determined when and why you have a dog problem, it will be easier to plan a strategy to get rid of them. For example, if it is a neighbor dog, the best solution may be to approach the neighbor in a kind way about the problem. But there are other humane ways to help that you can take action with on your own.

Dog repellents that contain the active ingredient of strong essential oils will repel dogs from your property without hurting the dogs. The these ingredients are irritating to a dog’s delicate nose, and they will generally avoid getting near any area that has been treated. Nature’s MACE offers both granular and liquid dog repellents.

Liquid spray– Dog MACE Liquid can be sprayed on garbage cans, trees, plants, door steps, or anything that seems to have attracted the attention of dogs.

Granular repellent–  Dog MACE Granular can be sprinkled around the perimeter of one’s property to form a barrier that will keep loose dogs out of one’s yard.

Homeowners and professional applicators find that using both products in combination achieve maximum protection.

Stray Dogs Repellent

When you finally catch that stray dog that has always destroyed your garden and turned your yard into a mess then it is time for you to do what needs to be done to get rid of that dog and restore the good looks of your environment.

Dog MACE: is most effective dog repellent focusing on dogs keen sense of smell and taste. Dog MACE effectiveness was achieved by isolating the most effective dog repellent on the market and combining the best ingredients into one powerful product.

Scent elimination: It may necessary to get rid of the scent from the previous marking using an enzymatic cleaner. Using another scent to cover the odor of the marking is hardly effective. The enzymatic cleaner is used to neutralize and digest the odor from the previous urine marking to avoid continuity of the behavior. Apply Dog MACE after enzymatic cleaner is used to effectively train dogs to avoid treated areas.

Stray dogs are constantly in search of food. If they visit your yard more than normal this means there is always food available for them to eat there. Evaluate your yard. Does the lid of your trash can get easily knocked off? Does the can smell like a kitchen? Do you have issues with small rodents or feed some of your pet animal outside? If the answers to these questions are yes then it explains why the dogs are always found in your home. Get trash cans that come with animal proof lids and spray pepper spray in them before use. Do not feed your pet outside otherwise you have to keep an eye on it. Treat any rodent issue quickly if you are challenged with any. This could help prevent stray dogs from hanging around your yard for so long.

This might appear simply but it is only effective for a short while. Spraying stray dogs with water hose to keep them off your property is quite effective but can only be done when you are awake or around your home however these dogs can always come around when you are fast asleep. This method does not last long, although it doesn’t cost any money yet it can’t solve the problem.

A water hose is really not an effective repellent if your yard is trouble by stray dogs when you are asleep. Erecting a fence might be more effective. Fences can always keep dogs away from your home at all times without your supervision however it needs to be properly maintained and it cost much to do so. In addition labor expenses, would be added to cost if you are unable to erect it yourself. If money is not a challenge to you, fences are not the best repelling option when considering beauty and practical reasons.

There are times when a regular fence would not effectively keep stray dogs away. Some of them could create a path for themselves on the fence and you would be required to constantly fix it. This can make you spend so much within a short time. You can purchase a kit that could be used on your fence which would prevent the dog from coming close to it after the first trial and save you the unnecessary cost. Nevertheless, you must bear in mind that your children, pet or other animals might get hurt by the electrical fence. This therefore rules it out as the perfect stray dog repellent strategy.

Motion activated water sensors can be used as a stray dog repellant since it is able to shoot water quickly at the dog once it gets too near to the sensor. This unexpected move would frighten the dog and it would take to its heels. However, this method can as well not keep the stray dog away for long as it would always return and pass through the water after getting used to it.

Dog spraying indoors

A natural instinctive behavior in dogs is canine urine marking however it is abnormal for indoor dogs to exhibit such.

Dogs, especially those that are sexually active mark their territory or pass message to other dogs by urinating on objects. Dogs begin to exhibit this behavior when they attain sexual maturity.

There is a higher chance of the intact male dog to mark when a female dog in heat is around. The intact female dogs also mark when they are in heat. Nonetheless any dog can mark whenever another dog urinates in the house. A dog remarks by urinating on an already marked place and would constantly urinate there unless the scent fades away completely.

In a house filled with dogs especially those of same gender there is always competition for dominance and it might result to urine marking. This can also be done by a dog that feels dominant to the owner.

Urine marking can also be caused by any anxiety-producing situation. Anxiety can be triggered in a dog by the arrival of a new baby, workmen in the house or presence of relatives. A dog may also feel threatened and anxious when a new item is added to the house which might cause them to mark on the boxes. Urine marking is a normal and natural behavior among dogs although it is quite annoying.

You do not need one to tell you your dog is urinating inside your house as the signs of urine can be easily seen. But there is a difference between a dog that lacks house training and urine marking.

Marking on vertical surfaces and corners could be a sign of urine marking but it could as well mean incomplete house breaking. Speak with a veterinarian or hire a trainer that would help to identify what the marking signs really mean. In addition, it is quite important to find out if your dog has any medical issue such as urinary tract infection as this might be the cause of the urination.

All kinds of breed can suffer from this problem.

Most times there are several steps that need to be taken in order to overcome urine marking:

Neutering. Neutering would always be the first step for a sexually intact dog. A good number of neutered dogs drop the urine marking behavior in about a month after introducing the procedure. For the female dogs to stop urine marking it needs to be constantly sprayed. However, there is the need to also modify this behavior.

Positive reinforcement urine marking should not be a reason to punish any dog as it might lead to greater level of anxiety which would only make the problem worse. Rather than punishing the dog it should be supervised. Give the dog a firm “NO” when caught in action and then take it outside. Encourage and praise the dog whenever it urinates outside the house. A dog can easily drop the habit of urine marking if it is constantly taken outside and rewarded whenever it urinates outside.

Scent elimination it may necessary to get rid of the scent from the previous marking using an enzymatic cleaner. Using another scent to cover the odor of the marking is hardly effective. The enzymatic cleaner is used to neutralize and digest the odor from the previous urine marking to avoid continuity of the behavior. Apply Dog MACE after enzymatic cleaner is used to effectively train dogs to avoid treated areas.

Minimize anxieties find out the factors causing anxiety to the dog and minimize their importance or remove them completely. The stress on the dog can also be reduced with the use of A.D.A.P. (dog appeasing pheromone) collar or diffuser. The function of this drug is similar to the pheromone a mother dog gives her puppies to calm them down and relieve them of anxiety.

Confinement this would help prevent the dog from frequently visiting its marked area. Limiting the movement of a dog by confining it to a small area which is protected by crates, baby gates or shutting doors can help stop marking behavior.

Establishing dominance some dogs need to understand that their owners are dominant and that they need to work to get rewards.

Medications some veterinarians prescribe medication as a final means of treatment. It takes about 4-6 weeks before the impact of the drug can be felt. Nevertheless, irrespective of medication behavior improvement must always be introduced.

Prevention Although early neutering can be helpful, it is not a guarantee. The best way  to deal with marking behavior is to identify and deal with it early.

How to protect yourself against dangerous stray dogs?

Dogs, unmindful of being playful or aggressive, will urged to jump, run and sometimes attack if you plan on moving suddenly or quickly. The most appropriate thing to do is to stand still when you come across a stray dog so it can smell you and aid the dog in realizing that you don’t plan on harming them.  This way, the dog would understand that you are safe. Basically, they are more scared of seeing you in comparison to you seeing them.

Never allow stray dogs to smell you hand, except you wish to get your hand bitten, ensure you never stretch your hand to a dog to smell you. If you happen to come across a stray dog and you are to stand still, ensure your hands are by your side, then there is more possibility of the dog smelling your hands. Never stretch your hands towards the dog or it might seem like a sign of violence or hostility. Just let the dog sniff you.

Once the dog realizes that they are not in any danger, the dog will place down its head or walk away. The dog lets you know things are fine by showing these signs, after that you can stretch your hands to pet it, but this must not be done after the dog is done checking you out.

Dogs might chase people who run when they see them even if they are not aggressive just because they desire to play. If the dog is aggressive, they are certainly going to chase you if you plan on running away because running for them is a sign that urges them to chase back.

Carefully walk away from the dog slowly and ensure you don’t your back to the dog. Asides that ensure you never run even though you are far from the dog because dogs’ can chase you from afar with ease.

Use any means needed to defend yourself if you are being attacked including kicking. Ensure your hand and face is protected.

Dogs are usually not dangerous on purpose, although if they are not home, afraid, hungry or handled inappropriately, they can be extremely dangerous. So is better to protect yourself and people around you the trying to save a stray dog might be dangerous. Once you and your family are secure, you can call up people from your local animal control to come assist you in watching the stray dog.

Top 10 Common Problems Caused by Stray Dogs?