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November 27, 2015 2 min read

There are dog repellent sprays for two very different situations, and so the best dog repellent spray depends a lot on the circumstances. The first type of dog repellent spray is the type of spray that is sprayed directly into a dog’s face when it is approaching in an aggressive manner and vocal commands have not worked. This is the best dog repellent spray for people who may find themselves in unfortunate situations from living next door to an irresponsible dog owner with an aggressive dog, to people whose activities may put them in similar situations, like runners, or mail carriers. For these situations, the best dog repellent spray is one that contains capsaicin, which is the element in chili pepper that makes your eyes burn. Sprayed into the eyes of an advancing and aggressive dog, this is the best dog repellent spray to use, and will almost always force the dog to retreat and tend to its eyes, without causing long term injury.

The second situation in which someone would want a dog repellent spray is when the spray is meant to keep dogs off of something: furniture, property, gardens, by spraying the repellent onto the area. For these types of needs, the best dog repellent spray is one that has a strong and unpleasing scent to most dogs. There are quite a few substances that that almost all dogs will find repelling and stay away from, and without hurting dogs or other animals in any way. For example, a variety of essential oils can be used, mixed with water, and sprayed on any parts of one’s property that you would like to keep your dog free. Peppermint oil, citrus oil, lavender oil, and eucalyptus oil are just some of the kinds to try out. Citronella oil repellent not only for dogs, but also mosquitoes. All of these oils, mixed with water, are safe to use on plants, and around pets and children. The oily mixtures adhere well to leaves, but they will need to be reapplied regularly, especially after it rains. Every dog is different, and so it might take a few tries to determine the best type of oil, and the best concentration for your dog.

In addition to using oils, other ingredients can be used to repel dogs. For example, chili power or cayenne pepper, can be sprinkled onto the areas, or mixed with water and sprayed. Dogs will avoid the unpleasant odor and taste. An added benefit is that pepper will also keep away some other common garden nuisance animals, like rabbits and deer. Similar to the oily mixtures, these solutions should be regularly reapplied.

So if you are looking for the best dog repellent spray to take on an aggressive dog in the face, look for a spray containing capsaicin, but if you are looking for the best dog repellent spray to train your own dog to stay out of your garden, then you should investigate a spray containing essential oils.

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