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November 30, 2015 3 min read

Rabbits have a well-earned reputation for not only being fast multipliers, but for having ravenous appetites for any type of garden plant, from fruits and vegetables to garden flowers. Although they tend to be more common in rural areas, rabbits will frequently live in parks and suburbs too, when they can find food and suitable places to live. While rabbits are adorable to behold, homeowners who have experienced them will know that even one little rabbit can do extensive damage, eating flowers, vegetable, shrubs, and anything else green, digging in beds and grass, and leaving waste behind. For these reasons, most homeowners with rabbits nearby are interested in the best rabbit control to protect their property from the nuisance animals.

The best rabbit control is usually made out of an egg-based spray on repellent. And rabbit repellent can be easily and quickly made right at home with only two ingredients and no more than a couple minutes. To make this effective recipe, break one raw egg in about one gallon of water and slowly mix them until they are well blended. Some of the recent studies and experiments on the subject have suggested that using egg solid instead of raw egg may be even more effective in repelling rabbits. The mixture can be transferred to a spray bottle, or sprinkled right onto any plants that have been eaten by rabbit. This rabbit repellent needs to be reapplied after rain or after watering by sprinklers.

Some experts suggest avoiding getting the spray on edible parts of plants, and instead spraying the leaves and stalks of vegetables, but not directly onto edible parts. If sprayed on food plants, care should be taken to thoroughly wash any fruits or vegetables before eating. Certain foods like strawberries and raspberries, more easily absorb bad tastes, and are harder to wash, so take care around hard to wash or absorbent food plants. For food plants, a mixture of soap and water can be used in order to avoid getting egg onto one’s food. While considered less effective, it may be safer for food, and in combination with the other recipe, will provide the best rabbit control for a garden.

Rabbit repellent with egg solid can also be bought online or in retailers for those who do not want to mix their own. Online retailers like Amazon are excellent places to look for rabbit repellents, because of the large variety of brands and products, and because of the extensive consumer reviews that help customers evaluate the probable effectiveness and choose the best rabbit control for their situation.

Some people claim that blood meal is one of the best rabbit control options. A byproduct of meat processing, blood meal, or powered blood, is sold in garden centers and through online retailers for the purpose of fertilizing. The smell of the blood also repels vegetarian rabbits, and so using this fertilizer helps your plants in two ways. Perhaps the best rabbit control of all is a combination of the above methods.

Wrap or Cover the Plants Using a Garden Fabric.

Just get focused on the targeted coverage and wrap or cover the plants using a garden fabric. Better yet, make use of a fabric material to help support the fabric.

This is a one easy and quick way to protect the bed of salad greens or broccoli.
Ensure that the fabric is securely anchored on the four sides. And, make use of ¾ inch mesh fencing or a chicken wire or mesh wire. This will help encircle the plants and create that protective tunnel for a row.

In order that the landscape plants and trees are secure against nibbling, take the time to wrap the bottom area of the trunk. Make use of a three-fourth inch mesh fencing or hardware cloth that is a foot above the winter snow levels. Just like other fencing solutions out there, it is rather a good idea to extend it below the soil surface.