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June 09, 2016 2 min read

In this article we will discuss the best rabbit deterrents. Rabbits can really be serious pests when they get into your plants and gardens. Since they cause damages in the lawn or even in the garden, it is essential to apply the best rabbit deterrents at the end of the day. They usually do most of their feeding during the evening that is why it is advised to apply deterrents at night.

Below are the best rabbit deterrents to apply at the end of the day:

Fertilizer Repellents

Bone meal and blood meal are among the soil amendments that make perfect rabbit deterrents. Remember that they are herbivore and they usually look for food in other place. This is especially after they had enough of the scent of slaughterhouse by-products.

It is good to understand that blood meal contains high nitrogen level. Even bone meal can be an effective source of nitrogen and phosphorous. They demand to be applied twice every week or even after two weeks.


Plants are also on top of the best rabbit deterrents in the garden. Even marigolds make a perfect deterrent that can be placed around the vegetable beds. Apart from marigolds, onions are also an effective border plant to consider as deterrents.

Home Remedies

Homeowners do not necessarily have an idea of home remedies as the best rabbit deterrents to use. Black pepper and human hair repellent could exactly be used as a replacement. You may also try out lining the edge of the vegetable garden with a fabric softener sheet. It makes the garden smell fantastic until it washed off and rained.


Pets are also among the best rabbit deterrents to consider. Better to add up a cat or a dog that can help control the rabbit population. They scare them off and leave them frightened.

Habitat Modification and Diversion

Fill the garden with adequate vegetables and flowers. Better to provide them with clover as a source of food as this is a legume. And then, add up some wild violets and allow them to grow in the yard. And then, modify the yard and make it less hospitable for the rabbits. Also, reduce the overgrown areas wherein rabbits can find cover.

Large structure and fencing

To remove or reduce the overgrown areas wherein the rabbits would find cover, there is a need to put up some fencing or other large structure.

Fencing and Other Barriers

If you have dark and leafy green vegetables, better to fence the vegetable garden. Choose a metal fence and a coated metal that can last for a long period of time than a non-galvanized fencing.

Never leave the gate open while you are still in the garden. They will simply hide as long as you do not leave. In order to protect the freestanding plants, better to encircle them with two to four feet high fencing. Make the fencing higher in order that the rabbits will not reach high up on the plants.


 Best Rabbit Deterrents