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April 18, 2018 3 min read

Best rabbit repellents safe for your pet

Let’s face it: life with our favorite little rabbits is not easy. You probably have a little trouble chasing them off your couch or bed. Sometimes he invades even places where he can put his life in danger. What can help you change your behavior? A good rabbit repellent.

Rabbit and smells: a love story

Above all, you must understand that the rabbit is a territorial animal that leaves olfactory prints everywhere. It is essential for its survival. For this, he can urinate where he intends to mark his territory. He can also use the glands on his face or scratch to print his marks.

Know also that rabbits do not perceive smells like humans. What seems nauseating to him can be a good smell for him. He will not stop urinating or confining himself to this place. This is why it is necessary to use a rabbit repellent, that is to say a product whose smell is unseemly for the animal only.

Focus on the rabbit repellent

Several types of repellents are used to chase rabbits. One of the most effective is the Rabbit Mace. You can use it on sofas and armchairs, or even on your bed. If rabbits are used to wallowing to sleep, these tools can be very effective. They are both fragrant and harmless to humans, but they cause the gene to rabbits that emerge from the place as soon as the smell is inconvenient. Naturally, it is necessary to apply the spray several times a day for a long-lasting effectiveness.

Grandmother’s rabbit repellents can also be used. For example, mustard and vinegar are particularly effective on felines. By pouring a small amount into the places of the house you want to ban rabbits, it is possible to obtain good results.

There are also ultrasonic repellent devices. They emit sounds that only the rabbit can hear, over a range of 100 to 200 m². To prevent rabbits escaping from the house for example, it may be useful to put a device of this type at the entrance of the gate. The rabbit will have no desire to venture to the door , and rabbits living outside of your home will not even think about entering your home. This device is not harmful to humans. However, its effectiveness is somewhat controversial. While many people claim that the ultrasonic rabbit repellent is very effective, I personally do not think that ultrasound is as effective as that for hunting animals. I say it mainly because of these applications that are supposed to repel mosquitoes, rats emitting ultrasounds. You agree with me that it has no effect on mosquitoes. So maybe those who say that the ultrasonic rabbit repellent is effective are not wrong, but I remain skeptical.

Finally, coatings are another device more or less effective. Some rabbits hate sticky, wet, or slip-resistant materials. Therefore, you can coat your chair or the edges of some double-sided adhesive furniture and nets.

Where to find a good rabbit repellent?

It’s not that difficult to find sprays and ultrasound devices to keep rabbits away from certain parts. There is a plethora of products on the e-commerce reference shops. You can also concoct your rabbit repellent yourself. But usually, manufactured products are much more efficient. Making a choice is not always easy especially with the countless number of products that manufacturers offer us. For your convenience, we have selected a few products in order of relevance. Use them wisely and keep in mind that the rabbit repellent is foremost for the good of your pet and not to hurt him.

Why are repellents not always effective against rabbits?

For my part, I think it’s not just about buying a repellent and that’s it! Your rabbit will run away and no longer have bad habits (urinating on the couch, scratching everywhere, indulging where he is not supposed to, etc. ..) Between a rabbit and its owner, there must be a certain bond, a strong communication that will facilitate the education of your animal. So I think it is useful to go beyond the tips found around the internet to educate a rabbit. You must seriously research rabbits to better understand them. Once you have learned the basics of dressage, you will find that any repellent will be effective because you will communicate to your rabbit and he will know that you do not want him to do such and such a thing! It is all in communication

Best rabbit repellents safe for your pet