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August 20, 2013 3 min read

Commercial Deer Repellents that Work Best

Commercial Deer Repellents that Work BestMany landscapers, gardeners and homeowners will agree the deer are a bane to their hard work. Deer are plentiful all over the United States, and homeowners in suburban and rural areas are almost certain to have these hungry animals as neighbors, and deer neighbors are not respectful of property lines and they certainly have no respect for hours or backbreaking landscaping work! There are numerous ways, however, to prevent your yard from being ransacked by deer, and this article will explain the commercial deer repellents that work best to keep these nuisance animals away. Click here for Commercial Deer Repellent Reviews…

Where to buy commercial deer repellents

Available through online retailers and in home improvement stores, the most plant safe deer repellent, human safe, and pet-safe is a motion-detecting sprinkler. A motion-detecting sprinkler works by sprinkling deer–and anything else that creates movement within its range. This device is a superb method of protecting one’s vegetable and fruit gardens from deer, but also other hungry pests like raccoons, rabbits, and even the family dog who enjoys an occasional snack of berries! Birds, who often enjoy a sprinkler bath, and bugs, are rare exceptions to pests, most of which will run away when startled by the water from a motion detecting sprinkler. Motion sprinklers are readily available to buy online starting at around fifty dollars. A typical sprinkler will cover just about one thousand square feet of garden or yard. An added advantage to using this plant safe deer repellent, is that it can stay activated even when homeowners are away for an extended number of days or weeks.

Fertilizer as deer repellent

Another commercial deer repellent that works well is deer repellent is fertilizer. Blood meal is a type of fertilizer that is made from powered blood, a byproduct of beef processing. It can be purchased in most gardening stores, and used as directed on the packaging. One theory as to why it repels deer is that when they smell the odor of blood nearby, they think there is a predator in the vicinity. Another, perhaps more logical reason, is that because deer are vegetarians, they are naturally repelled from eating anything that smells like meat. Whatever the reason, blood meal is said to be an effective and plant safe deer repellent. Several different kinds of fertilizer available on the Internet claim to repel deer as well, and gardeners can evaluate and select the one that suits the fertilizing needs of their respective gardens.


Finally, the commercial deer repellents that work best are the sprays that contain putrefied egg solid as one of the ingredients. These repellents can be sprayed liberally onto any and all garden plants that are susceptible to deer, and the scent will repel the hungry animals, because of its similarity to meat. The spray is inexpensive and easy to use, and needs to be reapplies regularly as it washed off, wears off, or as the plants grow new leaves. After just a few weeks of applying this repellent, the deer will learn that your garden is not a desirable eating place, and they will adjust their browsing habits to be in a different location. Click here for Commercial Deer Repellent Reviews…

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