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January 14, 2014 2 min read

With the increase in population there has been an on-going rise in demand for more food items.But due to steady rise in population, there has been a pressure on cultivable land as it is limited in supply. Thus, many times the farmers start to sell the adulterated crops and vegetables to the customers which affect them. In order to fight this problem, one can start to plant different vegetables in their own gardens.

Vegetables are considered as to be the non-reproductive part of the plant in the form of leaves, stems and roots. But, even they produce seeds which can be collected and again used to grow new vegetables. This process can be considered Eco-friendly as it involves recycling of the seeds.It will also help to promote high quality vegetable varieties with better yield, disease resistance.

Vegetable with seeds within them serves as an advantage to the people. The seeds that will be planted from the used vegetable will be free from adulteration and different chemicals. Using the seeds of previous vegetable will also save the cost of buying new good quality seeds. It also helps to save the time for the selection of high yielding variety seeds. It does not involve any expertise knowledge and is an easy process to grow and encourage vegetable plantation. It will therefore contribute towards sustainable development as it promotes to use the seeds for growing the plants.

One can save vegetable seeds in order to plant some vegetables in the garden from the previously used ones which includes selecting appropriate plants to save seed, to harvest them at the right time, and to store them properly. So, always remember that vegetable with seeds are also of great importance and help.

Just as important is protecting vegetable with seeds after they have been planted. Using a good deer and rabbit repellent is important to ensure a healthy garden. Protect your investment and you will enjoy the gardening experience.